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Get to know Häcker while you complete an internship with us. You’ll get your first impression and, if you wish, you can choose to do a traineeship with us. We also offer all kinds of internships for students. The Häcker team can’t wait to meet you.

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"It’s massively important for us trainers to teach practical skills in a wide range of disciplines".

Sabine Hauch,
HR business partner – Traineeship

Which internship takes your fancy?

Simply choose the internship that suits you. You’ll be well-looked after.

Student internship

Häcker offers you a wide range of internships in all sorts of careers. Join Häcker and get to grips with exciting professions.

  • Industrial clerk (m/f/x)
  • Woodworking mechanic (m/f/x)
  • Mechatronics engineer (m/f/x)
  • Electrician (m/f/x)
  • IT specialist in application development (m/f/x)
  • IT specialist in system integration (m/f/x)

More about our traineeship professions

College internship

Put the theory into practice!

Häcker offers you the possibility to do an internship or practical semester as part of your bachelor’s or master’s studies. Interesting tasks and exciting insights await you in a wide range of departments and subject areas. The responsibilities you take on will depend on the experience you can bring in from your studies or any other practical experience you may have. We’ll also be happy to take your personal interests into consideration. Consolidate your skills from your studies with an college internship at our company. 


If you want to know what you can expect of a traineeship, simply watch the following videos made by our trainees.

Woodworking mechanic
Find out everything you need for your career as a woodworking mechanic in our excellently equipped training workshop.

There are lots of exciting tasks and challenges for you in the world of IT.

Mechatronics engineer
As a mechatronics engineer you’ll build mechatronics systems, including robots, out of mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Commercial traineeship
A commercial traineeship will introduce you to all the functional areas of the company, whether sales, marketing, HR or accounting.

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What documents do you need for your application, and what should they look like? Get important information about applying to Häcker here.


Cover letter
CV in a table format
Your last two references
If applicable: Certificates or proof-of-internship letters
Up-to-date photo (desirable)
Check carefully for spelling mistakes
Check your inbox regularly


More and more companies are switching to digital, paperless application processes. You should consider the following for an online application.

Don’t just send your application to any email address – use our application portal. You can upload all your documents there. This way you can be absolutely sure that your application documents will get to the right person.

Ideally your documents should be uploaded in PDF format. Make sure your name, your phone number and your email address are easy to find. Before you upload your application documents, check once again that you’ve got everything.


Your cover letter shouldn’t be longer than one page of A4. Include your full name, address, phone number and email address. Don’t forget the date!

Make sure you’ve provided the right address. Only name someone as your contact person if you’re sure that they actually are your contact person.

Make sure you include a subject line: ‘I’m applying to . . . as ... starting ...’. Use your cover letter to explain why you’re applying to Häcker, what your motivation is and why you’re the right person for us.

End your letter with a warm salutation. Mention any documents you’ve attached to the email (or enclosed with your letter) under the heading ‘Attachments’ (or ‘Enclosed’).


First and last name

Date of birth

Place of birth


Phone number

Email address



Your personal details are followed by information about your school education. Go in reverse chronological order here, starting with your current situation.

Put the dates on the left, writing from month/year to month/year (in digits).

On the right (after two or three indentations again) you can write the school, the school’s location and, underneath, the qualification with your grade or expected grade in brackets.

After your school education come any placements or part-time jobs. Start with the most recent.

Here again, the dates from month/year to month/year go on the left.

On the right (after two or three indentations) comes the description, so for example: work experience, part-time job, temporary job, and the full name of the company you worked for, for example ‘Work experience placement at Company X’.

Underneath you can use a few bullet points to explain what you did there or what things you learnt. Concentrate on the things that might be useful for the training position you’re applying for.

Under ‘Skills’ you can list the skills you’ve acquired that make you qualified for this training.

Skills might include a driving licence (Class B), foreign languages (English – native, German – advanced, intermediate or basic) and IT skills (specify what software).

Lastly, don’t forget the date and your signature!

If you have any other questions about your application, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you!


How do I send my documents?

For reasons of sustainability, we prefer applications via our job portal or by e-mail. If it is not possible for you to apply in this way, a written application in paper form is also possible.

When can I expect an answer?

As a rule, processing takes a maximum of 3 weeks.

Who can I send questions to?

If you have any questions, our team of trainers will be happy to answer them by phone or email. You can find the person responsible in the respective job advertisements.

Can I still submit additional documents?

You can do this at any time. Your application will always be confirmed by e-mail. Simply reply to this confirmation email and add the attachment.

What happens if I want to withdraw my application?

Please just let us know. You are welcome to apply again at any time.

What documents do I need?

We look forward to receiving your complete application documents, including cover letter, CV, references and certificates, if applicable. You can find more tips here.

How is data protection guaranteed?

We guarantee that the collection, processing and use of your data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

How does the application process work?

If you have any questions, our personnel team will be happy to answer them by phone or e-mail.

I have not received a confirmation email, what can I do?

Please also check the spam box of your e-mail programme. Sometimes the messages end up there. If you do not find a message, our personnel team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who should I address my application to?

Unless otherwise stated, please send your application to: Ms Sabine Hauch, shauch@haecker-kuechen.de


Fascinating tasks and modern products that everyone uses at home. Kickstart your career with a varied traineeship at Häcker.

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