Compact yet light: the concept130 LASER BRILLANT Crema Magnolia

Fronts in soft crema-magnolia colour and an open architecture create the inviting atmosphere of this ensemble. With its light colour scheme in LASER BRILLANT Crema Magnolia, this sophisticated kitchen design is ideal for smaller spaces. High-gloss doors and pull-outs in lacquered laminate lend the kitchen elegance while the scratch-resistant surface of the easy-care PerfectSense® worktop makes it practical and suitable for everyday use. Short distances and ample storage space complete the practical nature of this kitchen. Combined with the friendly wood decor in light summer-oak colour, the plain design language of crema magnolia design conveys a timeless and calming effect. This guarantees a relaxed start to the day. 


Soothing natural tones

The most striking feature of the kitchen in LASER BRILLANT Crema Magnolia is its compact design. The L-shaped construction extends part of the kitchen unit into the room. This is accessible from all sides and offers, besides additional storage space, enough room for cutting, chopping herbs or rolling out dough. The integrated desk panel at the back, which creates a nice place to entertain, read and enjoy yourself, is certainly practical. High-gloss surfaces and natural wood structures of the light summer-oak décor combine to create a subtle colour scheme ranging from creamy white to beige. The LASER BRILLANT kitchen concept deliberately avoids overly harsh contrasts and comes across as quietly refined. 

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Shine with intelligent solutions

Are you planning a kitchen in a small space? If so, you’ll need smart storage solutions. That's why concept130 offers you a wide range to maximise your kitchen’s storage space: from variable cabinet heights and depths to plug-in systems and inserts for pull-outs and drawers. 
Instead of a ceiling-high tall cabinet, we planned medium-high one and combined it with a wall unit. This combination of different cabinet types and the light grain of the splashback cladding break up the compact L-shape of the kitchen. The nifty wood decor of the kitchen splashback in light summer-oak finish makes the high-gloss fronts lacquered in crema magnolia come to the fore. 
In the concept130 product line, you can choose between unique features in the cabinet equipment. Base units for pantries or tall cabinets with a swivel pull-out and practical door shelf open up a wide range of space. 

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Dynamically designed: tall cabinet in midi height

Small tricks sometimes make a big difference in design. For example, no ceiling-high tall cabinet was installed for the small kitchen, as this would make the room look smaller. Instead, a half-height midi cabinet was chosen to create open spaces on the kitchen splashback. This trick does not only create space for a beautiful vase, your cookbooks or other aesthetically pleasing items, but also makes optimal use of the depth of view. A similar trick is also used for the wall unit: the sliding door conceals what you would rather hide at the moment while offering open shelf space to the viewer's gaze – with a gorgeous effect as the entire depth of the room visually unfolds. In addition, the linear LED lighting cleanly sets the scene for your favourite porcelain and clay pieces, creating a cosy evening atmosphere, especially at the end of the day.

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Functional cooking post

This kitchen is clearly designed for efficient processes. Minimalist, stainless steel-coloured handles look downright classy and open the gently gliding drawers and pull-outs with ease. Their interiors with the Metro Box system are particularly clear and can be individualised with various inserts. The hob is ingeniously placed, integrated into an easy-care PerfectSense® kitchen worktop with anti-fingerprint properties. The crema-magnolia worktop matches the colour of doors and pull-outs to create a uniform look. The pull-outs, oven, sink and refrigerator are arranged so that you can reach them with just a few steps from the induction hob. The ceiling-mounted, BLAUPUNKT island hood is a technical and aesthetic marvel. This unique cooker hood, reminiscent of a shapely lampshade, also serves as a lighting element. It can be dimmed and controlled conveniently via touchscreen or Multi Control. This means that the cooker hood can be easily controlled from the hob control panel and automatically adjusts its output to the heat generated by the hob. It doesn't get any more practical than this.

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Everything in view at the breakfast counter

You’re in the driver’s seat: the kitchen unit hides a breakfast counter in light summer-oak décor, slightly offset in height. Leave your coffee cup and reading here without a care, because the kitchen unit’s efficient architecture leaves enough space for an additional dining area. As a design element, this eight-cm-thick desk panel picks up on the materiality and design language of the kitchen splashback. 
Neat corner detail: open shelf in front of the free-standing kitchen unit in light summer-oak finish. Using the same décor at different kitchen end creates a well-balanced design, while the depth of open spaces favours the airiness of the whole. This LASER BRILLANT kitchen in crema magnolia finish creates a spring-like feeling and, despite its compact dimensions, stores everything all utensils and accessories required. Its soothing colour palette also creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.


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Classic kitchen shape in a modern design? Trust our experts when planning your dream kitchen in the concept130 grid system.

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