Picture of the kitchen ensemble concept130 TOSKANA crystal white

Traditional yet purist: concept130 TOSKANA Crystal White

For all those who like to follow the motto "less is more" while honouring the traditional country style: The ensemble of the concept130 TOSKANA Crystal White product line combines modern white with traditional country-style details. From the tall cabinet to the worktop to the base unit - the Italian-inspired interior presents a graceful symbiosis of tradition and modernity. Straight lines and attention to detail go hand in hand in this Häcker ensemble. The niche panel, which stylistically pursues the splashback’s country style, stands out in this ensemble. The delicate coffered look of our TOSKANA lends this kitchen a touch of Italian lifestyle. And there is also the colour scheme: the matte lacquer in crystal white creates a harmonious overall appearance, as if cast from a single mould. The restrained and clear colour scheme creates an invitingly bright and friendly ambience that invites you to cook, live and get together. 

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Atmospheric details

The country-style concept130 TOSKANA Crystal White ensemble exudes attention to detail. The delicate coffered look is wonderfully complemented by the stylish cornices, which give both the tall unit and the wall units the perfect finish at the top. The wall unit with framed glass doors and integrated lighting is a notable feature of this beautiful kitchen. The anthracite-coloured metal handles reinforce the minimalist look that is already conveyed by the matte white colour scheme. At the same time, handles create a subtle contrast to the décor in classic country style. This is how TOSCANA flair is paired with minimalist restraint. In short: just the right balance between tradition and modernity. 

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Sustainability and elegance combined

The TOSKANA crystal white ensemble is a visually pleasing proposition that also excels in terms of materials: Häcker’s matte lacquers make an important contribution to environmental protection. The water-soluble lacquer system dispenses almost entirely with solvents and is, of course, formaldehyde-free. State-of-the-art technology is already used in the production of Häcker kitchens: Exposure to UV rays creates resistant, top-class coatings that withstand the toughest chemical and mechanical stresses. The matte lacquer used features a high lightfastness and dazzles with its elegant appearance. Because when planning a kitchen, durability and stylistic uniformity are essential. Hard-wearing, ecologically harmless and also beautiful: TOSKANA offers the perfect surface finish for your country-style kitchen.

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Transparency for a brilliant view

A small detail with a massive effect: the wall unit with glass fronts and shelves brings transparency into play. Thanks to the integrated spot lighting in the top shelf of the cabinet, you can individually set the scene for your favourite dishes. The continued coffered look of the top row of cabinets gives this kitchen ensemble an uniform look – as if it cast from a single mould. Just as light and airy as the glass fronts are the floating shelves that finish off the matte white, country-style panel towards the corner. These open storage surfaces stand in graceful contrast with the closed cabinet elements of this L-shaped kitchen.  Your cookbooks, decorative items or selected favourite pieces will look simply amazing on the open shelving systems. 

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Light for wellness

 With its ingeniously integrated indirect lighting, the TOSKANA creates a particularly inviting and serene atmosphere. This includes the interior lighting of the wall unit and the spotlights built into the bottom of the wall unit and the BLAUPUNKT extractor hood. The LED light integrated into the wall-mounted hob can be easily adjusted in brightness and colour temperature using the Multi Control feature at the hob. Thus, the worktop remains perfectly illuminated at all times so you can effortlessly relax while cooking, baking or enjoying an espresso. 

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