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Blaupunkt shows new, energy-saving models at the in-house exhibition

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days – whether it’s the end customer, the retailer or the manufacturer. So in recent months we have made it our mission to optimise our already energy-efficient dishwashers even further

says Olaf Thuleweit, Managing Director at HK Appliances.

"It’s particularly important to us that this doesn’t just apply to our top models, but is also implemented in the mid-range and entry-level segment", says Thuleweit, who will thus be able to present no fewer than eight new dishwashers at this year’s in-house exhibition as part of Küchenmeile.

„We know that the topic is becoming increasingly important for the end consumer – from both an economic and an ecological point of view. We now have the right answers right here. And we can extend the warranty on our two top appliances to five years – another aspect of sustainability“, emphasises the managing di-rector of HK Appliances.. This extraordinary warranty period is also guaranteed on a new premium refrigerator that is also equipped with the “No Frost” feature, thus once again underlining “that our appliances technically offer everything that is currently possible”, says Olaf Thuleweit.

Another addition to the range of currently 13 appliances that come with a 5-year guarantee is a new built-in oven, “which on the one hand has the very popular Dark Steel design, and on the other has an excellent price-performance ratio, so it gives the trade many arguments and the end customer many advantages”, says Olaf Thuleweit, who, as in previous years, will be presenting all of Blaupunkt’s new products to a wide audience in a special area at the Häcker in-house exhibition. However, not only the lat-est product highlights in the upper segment will be featured here. “We are also pleased that we are now launching an oven model that already offers the popular black in the entry-level range”, says Olaf Thuleweit. “We are pleased to be able to welcome our customers here in Rödinghausen and present our new products to them. Only when we talk together can we work out in detail what our customers want and what we can implement. That’s why communication during the in-house exhibition is so im-portant to us. It’s not about following short-term trends. With Blaupunkt, we have long since become an established brand in the field of built-in appliances that stands for continuity”, says OIaf Thuleweit. At the same time, the new dishwasher series il-lustrates how to react flexibly and promptly to market demands.

Year after year, our concern remains to make our already very good appliances just that little bit better. If we succeed in this – as we did at this in-house exhibition – and even in the area of energy efficiency, then we can rightly be a little proud and look forward a little more to our visitors, who can be the first to expe-rience this important step with us, says Olaf Thuleweit

The in-tegrated wine coolers, which are attracting more and more inter-est, are further eye-catchers in the truest sense of the word. “It’s becoming apparent that professional refrigeration in one’s own kitchen is becoming an increasingly important topic for many people. We’re now able to cater to this demand in an outstanding way”, says Marcus Lagmöller, responsible for marketing and product management at HK Appliances and a trained wine sommelier.

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