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Häcker Kitchens continues to grow and sets new standards in products and production

Häcker Kitchens faced many new challenges during the 2020 financial year. Under the circumstances, the company still reacted well to the situation and achieved an increase in growth. This was due to the positive demand situation and consumer investments in the field of homes and kitchens on the one hand; on the other, the flexibility of employees, customers and suppliers played a huge role in this success.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our partners on the market and in supply. Thanks to our trusting and pleasant cooperation, we have been able to achieve this positive development together, says Markus Sander, Head of Sales, Marketing and Controlling.

In the 2020 financial year, Häcker Kitchens saw an increase in sales of 4.9 percent, with €646 million (2019: €616 million), an excellent result that continues the successful development of the past years.

The export share of around 37 percent shows a slight growth in exports and remains a key component of the company sales policy. One particularly pleasing aspect is the fact that 94 new jobs were created in 2020. Today, 1,855 qualified and motivated employees (2019: 1,761) contribute to Häcker Kitchens’ success and once again benefited from special bonus payments in the past year. As the company was approaching maximum capacity at its Rödinghausen facilities, the new state-of-the-art factory 5 was put into operation ahead of schedule at the Venne location in the Osnabrück Land region. Here, one of the world’s most cutting-edge production facilities for kitchens has been set up on a total of 212,000 square metres. The new factory houses production for the systemat and systematART product lines.
At Häcker Kitchens, the course has been set for growth, as demonstrated by the product innovations that allow the company to play a decisive role in shaping the kitchen industry. With systemat 3.0, Häcker presented a true highlight to specialist dealers at its in-house exhibition in September 2020 and set new product standards in the kitchen industry: this five-pillar package is unique on the kitchen market and comprises a designer corpus, a concept for visible sides, an expert finish, technology and an ergonomic design.

With systemat 3.0, we are offering our customers a fantastic package. An expanded range of services in the systemat system at an attractive price – this offer opens up new opportunities for specialist dealers and provides consumers with many more options for their own dream kitchen, explains Markus Sander.

In parallel, Häcker launched a new online showroom that enables visitors to discover the exhibition virtually.
Another highlight is the positive development in the company’s own line of built-in appliances manufactured by Blaupunkt and h│tech. The new Dark Steel series in particular was met with an excellent response on the market and contributed both to the company’s success and the increase in the export share.
When it comes to sustainability, Häcker also has excellent news.
After receiving certification for its carbon-neutral production in 2019, the entire Häcker product portfolio has now been awarded the climate neutral label by the German Fokus Zukunft institute as part of a CFP study [the name of the institute loosely translates to “Focussing on the Future”].

This makes Häcker the first kitchen furniture manufacturer to offer its customers climate-neutral products.

As a value-oriented, family-run business, Häcker also actively supports various environmental and social projects. “Häcker thinks and acts in terms of sustainability. We have implemented many measures that allow us to make a valuable contribution to people and nature,“ says Jochen Finkemeier, Managing Partner, emphasising this key concern. The current sustainability report, titled Responsible by Tradition, provides more details, as does the company homepage.
At Häcker, values such as reliability, respect, fairness and trust remain the foundation for the company’s responsible and cooperative behaviour – even in challenging times.

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