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Fresh ideas for the kitchen as a hub of activity

Fresh ideas for the kitchen as a hub of activity

At this year's in-house exhibition, Häcker Kitchens presents many innovations for kitchen designs without limits

September 2022. The kitchen remains at the top of many buyers' wish lists. At the same time, we can see a strong trend emerging towards increasing individualisation as well as the merging of kitchen and living spaces. Buyers are therefore in the lookout for kitchens that perfectly match their own lives and respective living environment.

After the successful launch of concept130 last year, this year's in-house visitors will find a particularly large number of innovations in the systemat product line.

More individuality & sophisticated technology
With the three base unit heights 71.5 cm, 78 cm and 84.5 cm for systemat and carcase heights of 78 cm and 84.5 cm for systematART – the handleless variant – in combination with six wall unit heights, retailers are given unlimited options in kitchen planning.

A high level of diversity is also evident in the new wood effects with PerfectSense® surface or PerfectSense® with Feelwood structures. Pleasant to touch with a matte and velvety warm surface with anti-fingerprint properties. In addition, elegant real wood veneer in vertical and horizontal grain and a relief front in oak, elegant walnut and black oak round off systemat's comprehensive and varied range of fronts. The exclusive design
has an extravagant look that clearly stands out: a filigree grooved veneer, elaborately produced with high material input and craftsmanship. One figure impressively illustrates the value of this new front: around 12 square meters of veneer are required for one square meter of relief panel.

Excellent paint expertise for more individuality Häcker Kitchens has a high level of expertise in paint, allowing the design of kitchens in buyers' favourite colours or to match their home decor. Until now, customers at Häcker Kitchens had the option of choosing from 190 RAL shades.
These diverse colour options have now been expanded to include more than 1,900 NCS colours for seven front ranges.
Häcker thus also offers a colour system that is highly popular among architects and designers. The painting is always carried out in our own factories – Made in Germany. In accordance with Häcker's sustainability philosophy, all coatings are water-based.

Living and kitchen intermingle

"We bring architecture into the home. Cooking and living are merging more and more. Classic kitchen furniture becomes design-oriented living furniture – and we complement the living character of our furniture with new, individual lighting concepts,"

says Markus Sander, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Controlling at Häcker Kitchens.

In order to provide retailers with the right solutions for this, Häcker Kitchens is presenting four preconfigured sideboards for the first time, which can be individually combined with 66 front designs and four furniture base variants. To add a homely touch to kitchens, Häcker is also showcasing new pull-out shelves, a smal metal framed door and many new handles and channel handle finishes – for example, brushed gold.

New lighting elements create a special flair
In the context of kitchens and living, the topic of lighting also plays a major role. Both for working and for a pleasant atmosphere, Häcker is presenting new lighting systems capable of smart home. New recessed spotlights, pendant lights and illuminated glass shelves in stainless steel & black give rooms a homogeneous atmosphere where all elements are coordinated.
The lighting in the SLD (SlimLineDrawer) in the glass version also has a particularly exclusive effect. This emphasizes the delicate look of the elegant pull-out in systemat kitchens.

concept130 records very good development
The concept130 product line launched last year has developed very well. This is reason enough to present individual highlights at the 2022 in-house exhibition. For example, the new frame front range Toskana in satin lacquer, which enables consistent planning and is available in 14 colours. For the Toskana kitchen all six Selection colours are available. Burgundy, Eucalyptus, Ocean and Natural umber, complemented by the new colours Azure and Blackberry, bring lively accents to modern kitchens.
All colours are coordinated in such a way that they are ideal partners for all natural and wood shades, for white as well as for black and graphite.

New at concept130 is also the handleless ART variant in 71.5 height, which completes the product line and reinforces its variability ans well as modern look. The entire kitchen exhibition at Häcker reflects a high level of individuality and consistency. Each kitchen an original. Every kitchen planning an interior design highlight. Häcker Kitchens fulfils all customers' wishes for new "living dream kitchens".

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