The perfect place for home office solutions

The latest trend: Home office ideas for kitchens

For many employees, the current coronavirus situation has led to an increase in hours spent working from home. This combines business with pleasure and is a great way to reduce contacts and still stay on top of business. And there are other obvious benefits: reconciliation of family and work, not to mention the time saved on commutes. This also means less traffic and with it, less environmental pollution.

But despite all these benefits, the challenge is often in the details. After all, not everyone has a designated office at hand, let alone the necessary space. As a result, many employees end up working on their laptops on settees and at kitchen tables, tearing out their hair over the lack in ergonomics. However, medical reasons are just one aspect that makes working between breakfast cereals and comfy cushions a real challenge: these areas of our homes rarely remind us of an office environment.
Working from home takes more than stable Internet connections and the right hardware – it also calls for the right furniture. Kitchen manufacturer Häcker has developed a range of special home office solutions – among them, themed shelves.

Trending: Stylish and charming home offices.

Even if the name doesn’t immediately suggest an office, this piece of furniture is a true all-rounder. Whether customers are looking for a trendy shelving system or want to create an intelligent home office – these themed shelves offer a range of options
and can be incorporated into pantry units and added onto base units. A practical pull-out shelf can be mounted on the bottom panel; a triple power socket strip has been installed in the back panel for the necessary hardware and generous shelves above the workspace provide room for various items of office equipment. Easy on the eyes: various lamps can be integrated into the bottom panels of the shelves to improve workspace lighting.
The themed shelves are available in combinations that perfectly match the elements, colours and fronts of the customer’s own kitchen, while optimised measurements allow for a space-saving office solution.

Alternatively, workspaces can be integrated into the kitchen, using pull-out shelves and drawers without handles that could potentially get in the way, turning this home office into an integral part of the kitchen. As base cabinets are available in different heights, this allows for ergonomic planning. With tons of storage space and high weight limits of between 40-70 kg, depending on the width, these drawers and pull-out shelves offer the best possible set-up conditions for computers and other office equipment. The exceptional depth of the upper cabinets also provides ample space for office binders.

The trend towards working from home will accompany the working world for a long time. Häcker offers a wide range of options for integrating office space into our kitchens, says Markus Sander, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Controlling at Häcker.

The perfect place for home office solutions

Kitchens are the perfect place for any home office expansion. Häcker offers a wide range of options that allow customers to integrate their workspace into their home, depending on available space and personal tastes. These solutions create fluid transitions between the different areas, turning the room into a cosy combination of office and kitchen. And this, of course, also means the next cup of coffee is always within reach. Bargain hunters will love Häcker’s light version: a clever, counter-style worktop extension. However, this version does not incorporate useful and varied storage space. 
For those who no longer want to balance their laptops between breadcrumbs and biscuits, Häcker offers a range of unusual options for home offices. Besides being incredibly practical, these are also a visual highlight for every home, as Häcker impressively shows at its in-house exhibition in Rödinghausen.

The perfect place for home office solutions

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