In harmony: Greige and Calacatta

The art of intermediate tones: the design of the systemat AV 5045 Greige kitchen ensemble with AV 8000-GL Calacatta plays with this – and wins all along the line. Thanks to its distinguished restraint, greige, a subtle combination of grey and beige, is ideal for combining with other colours. In this kitchen, the Greige of the AV 5045 picks up on the fine marbling of the Calacatta surfaces and thus underlines the fine overall impression of this special kitchen composition. Not only the greige colour, but also the coffered fronts give the kitchen a homely touch. The minimalist, linear style of the kitchen is further emphasised by horizontal handles and mouldings, while its golden colour scheme creates an exclusive, almost aristocratic flair. An exquisite kitchen that impresses with its generosity, homeliness and grace.

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Kitchen is more than cooking

Cooking, eating, working, getting together: The kitchen is a room that occupies a high place in every home. To make this special place aesthetically pleasing and at the same time very functional, this kitchen uses delicately grained ceramic surfaces, both for the fronts of the AV 8000-GL and for the worktop. This surface, fired at 1200 degrees Celsius, is not only impermeable to water, recyclable and absolutely food-safe, but also impresses with excellent scratch resistance and acid resistance. Thus, Calacatta is not only impressive in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of its easy-care quality. The design elements fit together like a jigsaw puzzle – aesthetically and functionally well thought out from start to finish. 

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Sideboards: Unobtrusive all-rounders

Clean lines, subtle coffered fronts and a sleek finish give this sideboard a modern yet relaxed aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the ensemble. The low height and the floating mounting make the sideboard a slender highlight on which a designer lamp can be placed just as effectively as an art object or a flower arrangement. This way, you give the dining area a personal touch and at the same time have everything at hand that you need in everyday life, from tablecloths to candles and coasters. Because with its wide compartments, this sideboard offers enough storage space for all your table accessories. Elegance and functionality go hand in hand here. 

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Play of colours in a class of its own

If you love a uniform look, match the kitchen zone and living area in colour without repeating yourself. How do we do that? By discreetly bringing other colours into play. In the living room, for example, cupboard fronts in AV 6000 Crystal White are combined with RAL colour 7002 Olive Grey. While the crystal white looks tidy and clean, the symbiosis of olive green and grey brings warmth and cosiness into the living room – a successful contrast that also harmonises wonderfully with the colours of the kitchen. This way, you and your visitors in the living room are only a few steps away from the greenery of the garden, not only spatially but also in terms of colour.

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The art of straightforwardness

Don't mince words. No compromises. That's what we sometimes want from life. In design, you can make such dreams come true, as this entrée in olive grey and crystal white makes impressively clear.  The crystal white of the front melts into the wall like a fresh blanket of snow. The grey that lines the charming little seating area from the inside adds depth to this niche. The straight-lined design is reinforced by the grey joints. The crystal white perfectly accentuates the olive grey of the built-in tall units opposite, while the horizontal lines of the gold-coloured handles are entirely in keeping with the clear geometry of the flat design. Exquisite, straightforward, discreet: here is a place to relax that combines aesthetic sophistication with functional design.

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Image of the systemat AV 6000 with kitchen island