In harmony: greige and marble

The design of the systemat AV 5045 greige kitchen ensemble with AV 8000 calacatta marble plays with the art of intermediate tones - and wins all along the line. The finely tuned mix of gray and beige lends rooms a certain elegance and warmth without showing off. Thanks to its distinguished restraint, greige can be ideally combined with other colors to create subtle contrasts that are pleasing to the eye. Together with beige, gray and white, it creates a harmony of beguiling strength that gives strength and well-being in everyday life. This effect is promoted by the minimalist style that the Häcker systemat kitchen line already expresses in itself.

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Kitchen is more than cooking

Cooking, eating, working, socializing: The kitchen is a room that occupies a high place in every home. It's where everyone comes together. To make it particularly homely yet functional, the AV 5045 greige systemat complements AV 8000 calacatta for cabinets and countertops very well. In this ensemble, the transition between the cooking and dining areas is cleverly marked by several elements: On the one hand, the centrally located kitchen island with integrated cooktop creates a visual barrier that is nevertheless practical for chopping, as a storage location or as a handy buffet. On the other, the softly textured rug on which the dining set sits marks the cozy dining area with sideboard. The design elements fit together like a puzzle - aesthetically and functionally thought out from start to finish.

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Sideboards: inconspicuous all-rounders

The clean lines and sleek finish give this sideboard a modern aesthetic that seamlessly blends into the ensemble and mirrors the kitchen counter. Intentionally, there is no distinct wood grain to be discovered, allowing it to act as an elegant counterpoint to the delicate marbling of the kitchen island and tall cabinets. With generously sized drawers and compartments, this sideboard offers plenty of storage space for your dishes, cutlery, table linens or other items - because elegance and functionality can go hand in hand. The smooth closing mechanisms of the drawers ensure comfortable opening and closing.

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Color play of the extra class

If you love a uniform look, match the colors of the kitchen zone and living area without repeating yourself. How do you do that? By bringing another color into play: Cabinet fronts in AV 6000 crystal white look tidy, clean and a little cool. This is precisely what makes them so appealing, as they break with the warm undertone of the beige in the greige. In this ensemble, crystal white is cleverly combined with AV 6000 RAL7002 - a color that fuses olive green with gray. In this way, a bit of warmth and freshness is brought back to the room. Even more, the olive green in combination with crystal white skillfully leads to the outdoor area in the greenery.

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The art of straightforwardness

No compromises. No digressions. A straight course always further ahead. That's what we sometimes want from life. In design, such dreams come true, as this coat rack with its AV 6000 crystal white front impressively illustrates. Like a fresh blanket of snow, the crystal white of the front blends with the wall. Only the gray elements inside the seat give it additional depth. The linear design is reinforced by the joints, also gray, which stand out between the fronts like an expressionist work of art, emphasizing the clean lines of the design. This creates a seating option that combines artful design and practical function without compromising on any side.

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Image of the systemat AV 6000 with kitchen island