AV 6055 – Bonjour tradition and modernity

Our kitchen in country house style, AV 6055, is a real feast for the eyes. The seductive design of this Modern Country kitchen visually fulfils all criteria of a classic cottage-style kitchen. Let yourself be inspired by the best material and workmanship quality, as well as innovative kitchen technology. Authentic, natural, comfortable and user-friendly. The pastel green frame fronts and the rustic wood tone of the rough worktop are made for each other. This kitchen is strongly reminiscent of French country house kitchens and awakens a longing for the picturesque landscapes of the Provence. 

The AV 6055 kitchen combines warmth, peace and comfort in a distinct style. The result is an authentic mix of tradition and modernity that is sure to impress. 

Perfectly tidy - lots of storage space behind the fronts

The AV 6055 attracts the eye... and attention for its extravagance. The beautiful pastel green wood-textured fronts bring romance and naturalness into the kitchen. The themes of nature and wood are key elements of this kitchen and are repeatedly highlighted.  

But there is also a lot going on behind the fronts. First and foremost, there is plenty of space. All the kitchen utensils can be stowed away perfectly here. Secondly, it has the ideal interior design. This ensures that the kitchen is always neat and tidy. For clean stowage of cutlery, scissors and knives, Häcker offers special inserts made of real wood or high-quality plastic. No more searching - all utensils are always at hand in the right place. 

Variable cross and lengthwise dividers for kitchen pull-outs organise your stock. With our interior organisation system MOVE, you can arrange the interior of your pull-outs completely flexible. After all, you know best, what things you want to store where and how. Our high-quality wire and wicker baskets, as well as a variety of solid-wood boxes of the MOVE range offer you additional support, so that you can equip your cupboards and pull-outs as you wish.  

With the modern waste system directly under the worktop you are on the sunny side of life. Simply open the pull-out and dispose of the waste from the worktop straight underneath.

AV 6055 pastel green

Bon appétit in French cottage-style

Divine cooking and living in France. This is what our Mediterranean cottage-style kitchen is predestined for. Typical look: The stainless-steel cooking centre with the gas stove, drawer in the appliance base and stainless-steel control panel. Three cast-iron trivets ensure a safe rest for pots and pans. An extra-large oven and six cooking zones on the stove, allows food preparation even for large groups of guests. And your safety is not neglected either - the hob is switched on with an automatic one-hand ignition.

The modern extractor fan with LED lighting is in the brightly-clad exhaust air shaft above the gas stove. The light boxes above the worktops next to the stove and sink shed good light over all kinds of decorative items and offer sufficient space for them. 

A clear view of beautiful things

in the illuminated glass show cases in the upper part of the wall unit. The perfect showcase for beautiful things. Here you can display your expensive vases, high-quality glasses and exquisite bowls. A must-see for everyone! 

The refrigerator and freezer are hidden behind the high doors of the impressive four-piece tall cabinet. Unobtrusive and yet easily accessible at all times. There is also enough space for food and crockery. 

A dream of a workplace

The kitchen island with the open shelves on the front form the centre piece of the AV 6055: It is not only a generous worktop, but also the stage for decorative accessories. There is also plenty of storage space for all your kitchen utensils. 

Visually, the AV 6055 excels in particular with its exciting play of colours between the pastel green of the fronts and the worktop in dark Ontario repro oak. In its rough beauty, the wood shade harmonises perfectly with the soft pastel colour.