Bristol - cottage-style meets design

This is the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. If you are looking for a modern cottage-style kitchen, Bristol is the right choice. Velvety blue fronts, which reveal the natural grain, are a real eye-catcher. The rich, friendly colour shade of the worktops in wood finish interacts harmoniously with the dark fronts. The light wood of the walls, ceiling and floor set a beautiful frame for the Bristol kitchen. All this results in a perfect country-style kitchen that adds to the cosiness of your home.

One kitchen - three areas

The Bristol is divided into three areas. In the centre is the docked kitchen island with a spacious hob and a modern hob extractor fan. This downward extractor in a minimalist design makes a hanging hood superfluous and gives the Bristol every freedom. In combination with the wall-hung shelving units and a small integrated seating nook, this area is an impression on its own. Another area is formed by the base units featuring a white sink element and wall cabinets with glass doors above. The four-piece tall cabinet with the eye-level oven completes the Bristol.

Best planning is part of it - lots of space for utensils and groceries

Behind the doors, in the drawers and on the open shelves of the cooking island there is sufficient space to store everything you need to prepare delicious meals. The matching highlight here are the woven honey-coloured wicker baskets, which fit perfectly into the compartments.

Thanks to Häcker's variable organisation system MOVE, everything can be stored uncluttered and safely in the drawers. Practical shelf elements above the cooking island set the stage for decorative elements. This is also the ideal place for individual pieces of ceramics and allows easy access to recipe books.

Country-house style - attractively and smartly implemented

The next area is arranged around the sink and offers great comfort. Plates, bowls, dishes and pots are always ready to hand in the upper and lower cupboards. In addition to a dishwasher, a waste disposal system is also integrated and helps to keep the kitchen spotless. The glass fronts of the wall units give the Bristol kitchen more depth. A glimpse of the porcelain and decoration is encouraged. The kitchen railing on the wall above the sink is really practical - kitchen paper, soap and so on are always at hand and it keeps the worktop free of clutter.

The third area - a tall cabinet with an oven - tastefully rounds off the kitchen. In addition to the eye-level oven, the refrigerator and freezer are also installed here. Matching stainless steel colored handles give the rustic kitchen a modern accent.

Versatile and smart - the real plus is hidden behind the front

We offer numerous practical options for equipping our upper and lower cabinets to make your everyday life easier. Hook-on trays are ideal for quick and easy storage of supplies. Inserts for storing cleaning products and towel holders are your daily helpers. The pull-outs with removable baskets are extremely handy for easy transport of glass bottles and other containers. Of course, you can also opt for the classic version with a shelf for maximum flexibility.

Bristol velvet blue
Wood is an essential component of the cottage style

A bright, light-flooded room sets the perfect stage for the delicate dark blue of the Bristol kitchen. The beautiful wood grain blends in perfectly with the panel fronts, while the tasteful engravings on the kitchen island provide additional accents. Herbs and plants contribute to the relaxed atmosphere and liveliness of the room.

Wood as an omnipresent material underlines the closeness to nature. We love working with wood, because this natural and sustainable resource offers endless opportunities to produce high-end kitchen furniture. The use of local wood is resource-saving and sustainable - we support this with all our efforts. We are, for example, certified as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer.