Murano Brillant GL Crystal White


A real fountain of youth and a classic at the same time. White never goes out of fashion and always looks fresh and optimistic. White, high-gloss fronts have a great radiance and make rooms appear more spacious. Interesting effects are provided by skilfully used black tones, such as on the kitchen counter or the ceiling-high wall behind the sink. Behind the cupboard fronts and pull-outs there is plenty of storage space for all the things a good kitchen needs. In addition to pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishes and glasses, there is also plenty of space for food. The fridge-freezer combination is optimally accommodated behind a tall cupboard door.

The free-hanging island extractor hood with air flow in three stages ensures that steam, grease and odours air have no chance in the kitchen. It is attached to sturdy steel cables and hangs freely from the ceiling. Ideal for kitchen planning with an island solution or a hob without a rear wall. The integrated LED lighting provides light to the hob underneath.

Murano Brillant GL Crystal white

Refined dream combinations

At concept130, in addition to Cristal White, there are ten other beautiful carcase colours that you can combine with visible sides and mouldings of your choice. This is how to create dream kitchens with unrivalled variety.

Lively contrasts

Neutral tones like white need strong colour accents to come alive. The black seating and the open, black shelves are an ideal counterpart and emphasise the linear details even more. The warm wall and floor colours add to the charm. White and black are ideal partners in kitchen design – together they always create a modern look. This Murano Brilliant in Cristal White suits many interior styles – whether classic, purist or modern. 

The innovations are in the details: highest processing quality ensures perfect edges and silky smooth surfaces. The interior of the pull-outs and cabinets is also equipped with the latest technology. The built-in appliances from Blaupunkt round off the appearance of the Murano Brillant GL in Cristal White and ensure smooth operation in the background. The ergonomic working height is very friendly to the body and makes all work in the kitchen a pure pleasure. Here too, clear lines can be implemented for all desired variants and planning options – thanks to concept130.

Handleless beauty

Clean chic at its best. All in white, this kitchen is minimalist and handleless. Without disturbing elements, the front is a great eye-catcher and convinces with its clear, simple design that shows off the white fronts to their best advantage. The hidden recessed handles ensure that cupboards and pull-outs are easy to open and close. 

White furniture with as much free storage space as possible always create a clean and tidy environment. A few select objects, such as a green plant, a wooden chopping board or a pretty cookbook, adorn the kitchen. The Clean Chic motto 'less is more' is impressively embodied by this kitchen.