AV 2035 GL – royal beauty for your home

This kitchen might not suit everyone. It is imposing, splendid and impressive and dominates the room. The surfaces of the uniform, matt graphite fronts are the ideal combination partner for the golden splashback behind the sink and ceramic hob. Truly royal
- the golden sideboard impressively combines the kitchen and living room furniture.

Sleek fronts without handles or knobs limit this expressive kitchen to the basics. The surfaces are finished with the Touchfree technology to ensure that no fingerprints are visible. 

A genuine golden treasure - noble and stylish

The AV 2035 shows itself from its brightest side. An elegant kitchen composition with decorative gold elements. The royal niche colour showcases the kitchen skilfully. This vibe is picked up by the golden sideboard and radiates into the entire living area. Perfectly integrated into the wall niche under a huge mirror, the board is an absolute eye-catcher. And the best thing about this: Behind the doors and pull-outs, all the little things that could disturb the tidy appearance of the room can be stowed away. 

Matching the graphite fronts, the worktop is equally convincing. The wall panelling in the upper area picks up this colour shade again. Behind it is the LED lighting, which magically highlights the golden wall with additional light effects.

With Häcker's oneLINE technology the joints between the individual kitchen cabinets are extremely narrow - not wider than four millimetres. Especially in combination with the wide pull-outs, the tall units and the dark colour shade they are hardly noticeable. For aesthetic reasons, doors and pull-outs have no handles, yet they open and close as if by magic. This is made possible by the Tipmatic Softclose technology - a touch of the finger is all it takes. 

Behind the beautiful matt fronts, there is plenty of space. Here you have room for all the kitchen accessories and much more. A modern storage concept for foodstuffs and other items is easy to implement. For this purpose, Häcker offers various organisation systems. From practical interior drawers and cutlery inserts to the innovative interior organisation system MOVE and modern waste systems you will find numerous solutions at Häcker. 

AV 2035 GL Graphite . AV 4070 Gold

A smooth flow - if kitchen furniture is also living-room furniture

The AV 2035 plays with the viewer and cleverly hides everything that could disturb its flawless appearance. The oven and fridge-freezer combination, for example, are integrated in the cabinet on the right in the niche. You can select the built-in high-quality electrical appliances according to your personal preferences and needs. 

Additional shelves for even more space can be fitted in several places and harmoniously integrated into the room concept. Our example shows a shelf solution for a niche in the living area. In this solution, white sides for the cupboard and shelves are chosen to match the bright living area. Decorative elements in gold, in turn, create a link to the kitchen with its golden back wall. 

Royal appearance

Luxury in every corner. Gold as the accent colour always has a striking effect. Whoever chooses it, is aware of this. Gold is a clear statement and likes to be the focus of attention. The same goes for the sideboard with its golden fronts. No hiding possible. This piece of furniture will always be an eye-catcher. Perfectly integrated as a link between the breath-taking AV 2035 kitchen and the adjoining living area. The huge mirror, backlit with LED lights, truly crowns the golden sideboard. 

The gold theme continues through the decorative elements like the proverbial red thread. The noble metal regularly sets lustrous accents and lends the entire room a grandiose shine.