Report system

As a family business that is oriented towards values and sustainability, we hold the discovery of unethical and illegal behaviour dear because we care for the welfare of our employees. Therefore, we have set up a report system and use for this purpose an external lawyer as ombudsman (trusted lawyer). All employees, affiliates or further third parties can turn to this contact person with confidence to report a suspicion on, for example, the following topics:

Infringement of

  • (EU) laws (for example, infringement of product safety, General Data Protection Regulation, cartel law)
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Minimum Wage Act
  • Environmental protection
  • Tax laws
  • Money Laundering Act, terrorist financing
  • Criminal offence (e.g. fraud, theft, corruption)

Reports coming in will be checked by our ombudsman and passed on to us. In doing so, the identity of the whistleblower is preserved. This shall only not apply if the whistleblower intentionally or grossly negligently passes on untrue information.

Making contact
You can contact the ombudsman by telephone, e-mail, post or in person if you wish.

Attorney Robert Buchmann
Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 34-36
80333 München
Telefon +49 89 244 40 93-22
Fax +49 89 244 40 93-65
Mobil +49 152 54 64 85 68