Reporting procedure

As a values-driven and environmentally-friendly family business, it is particularly important for us to uncover unethical and illegal behaviour to ensure the well-being of our employees and the protection of the environment as our natural foundation of life. Our Declaration of Principles, which fulfills the requirements of the Supply Chain Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltsplichtengesetz, LkSG), provides you with additional information on these subjects as well as on the activities and measures that we have adopted in order to fulfil our due diligence obligations. We have therefore set up a procedure for reporting possible violations. This procedure complies with the requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSChG) and the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). 

All employees, business partners, or other third parties can report a suspicion on topics such as the following:


  • of (EU) laws (e.g. violation of product safety, General Data Protection Regulation, antitrust law)
  • of human rights (e.g. by child labour, forced labour, slave labour)
  • of regulations on occupational health and safety and/or health protection
  • of wage laws (e.g. by undercutting the minimum wage or withholding an appropriate wage)
  • of environmental protection standards (e.g. by causing harmful soil change, water pollution, air pollution, harmful noise emissions, excessive water consumption or other improper disposal of industrial waste products)
  • of the Minamata Convention (ban on the use of mercury and the manufacture of mercury-added products in accordance with the relevant requirements)
  • of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
  • of tax laws
  • of laws on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • of the right to freedom of association and the right to form trade unions
  • of anti-discrimination laws through unequal treatment in employment
  • of other regulations and laws (criminal offences such as fraud, theft, corruption)

Any information received will be examined by our ombudsman and passed on to us. The identity of the whistleblower will be protected. This only does not apply if the whistleblower intentionally or grossly negligently passes on untrue information. 
You can read the rules of procedure for reports here.



We accept reports via the following channels:

Online website
Internal dialogue boxes of the works council
External reporting office

Human Rights Officer

+ 49 5746 / 940-0

Human Rights Officer
Werkstraße 3
32289 Rödinghausen


Works Council

Works Council
Werkstraße 3
32289 Rödinghausen


Council of Trust

+ 49 89 244 40 93-22

Robert Buchmann
Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 34-36
80333 München


Share your report with us here:

If you would like to report a suspected violation of standards, please complete the following form.

Please note the following information:

1. None of the following fields are mandatory. You therefore do not have to provide any information.

2. Your details will be treated to protect your identity and there will be no disadvantage for you as a whistleblower.

3. If you do not provide any address details, we will not be able to contact you. In this case, we will not be able to consult with you regarding the content and we will not be able to inform you about our steps and measures. If the necessary information is missing from your report, it may not be possible to process it.

4. Your information will be forwarded to the mailbox compliance(at), to which only the Häcker Human Rights Officer has access.

5. By providing your contact details, you agree to be contacted by us regarding your report or complaint.