Picture of the concept130 MONTREAL-GL fine oak light with kitchen high cupboard up to the ceiling, integrated oven, kitchen unit and overhead wall cupboards, in the foreground dining table with green upholstered chairs.

More open space for living

This is best achieved with a tidy style: clear lines, warm colour tones and varied surfaces form the basis for this concept130 ensemble MONTREAL-GL fine oak light. Together with its counterpart graphite, the shade fine oak light creates a modern and at the same time natural look. The contrasting textures and colours are completed by the shiny grey metro-style tiles, the light-coloured floor coverings and the inviting upholstered chairs with green fabric upholstery, reminiscent of the lush green of the leaves in July – a tribute to nature: in your home! 

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A natural play of colours

This concept130 kitchen variant creates a play of colours that can be found in nature. Mosses, tree trunks, stone: colours such as light brown, rich green and mysterious anthracite are reminiscent of the natural backdrop of the forest. In combination, they convey balance, freshness and grounding. Values that are so often lacking in hectic everyday life. A kitchen in this colour combination thus creates a cosy ambience in which we immediately feel invited and at home. The contrasting colour concept is completed by different haptics, textures and purposefully placed open cupboards that offer space for particularly beautiful kitchen utensils and your best crockery. 

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From a single mould

Similar, but not the same. There is hardly a better way to create a sense of style than by using a largely uniform overall concept for the interior design. This does not mean that different styles and colours are not allowed to mix. But rather that all elements together create a harmonious unity. This is particularly easy to achieve when you combine a Häcker kitchen from the concept130 line with other furniture elements from the same product series. Häcker makes it easy for its customers, because at concept130 you can find wall shelves and wardrobes that can be perfectly combined with the rest of the interior. Like this floating sideboard with a graphite finish and glass-framed doors that reveal your favourite pieces. The result: living spaces as if from a single mould. 

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Floating aesthetics

Stow away. Present. Look beautiful. The sideboard that almost floats in the air is a favourite of any interior. It is used to create additional storage space and a decorative presentation surface in interiors. Space-savingly mounted on the wall, it is used to stylishly present lamps, decorative items, picture frames or other small objects. In its compartments, various objects can be stored within easy reach – from fine services to illustrated books to clay figures. The cupboard doors are made of glass and thus allow a view of the valuable contents. Tip: The fronts in deep anthracite make colourful decorative elements in and on the wallboard look particularly effective. 

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Functional icing on the cake: Coat rack in graphite

What makes an excellent wardrobe? It has sufficient storage space and can be configured entirely according to your ideas and needs: from its height and width to the number of open and closed elements and the front. With us you enjoy full freedom of design!
The wardrobe shown here provides a beautiful example of a possible wardrobe design. On one side, it holds an area with a coat rail and two open shelves. On the other hand, closed cupboards in the colour graphite offer enough space to store a lot – from hats or scarves to umbrellas. With its minimalist design and subtle colour, the coat rack does not push itself into the foreground but becomes a stylish element of the home furnishings. The handles, which are hardly visible, are colour-coordinated. Smooth surfaces reinforce the purist design.  

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