Picture of the concept130 SCALA Olive green with kitchen unit, tall unit, olive green fronts and kitchen counter

concept130 SCALA Olive Green - Figurehead of the Greenery

Do you love nature and would love to bring it into your home? We have the right kitchen for you: Our concept130 SCALA Olive Green convinces with an extremely pleasant green shade that gives you the necessary fresh kick every day. Olive green can be perfectly combined with both light and dark colours and has a very homely effect. The Greenery trend and biophilic motifs evoke associations with nature and make every nature lover breathe a sigh of relief. The entire kitchen ensemble with lime-coloured worktop and niche panelling is reminiscent of the mountain colour palette of Sardinia in spring. Maybe this kitchen is even an effective remedy for wanderlust?

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Facelift made to measure: Fronts in all qualities

To give your kitchen a customised facelift, the SCALA Olive Green front is available in a variety of versions. Thanks to constant technical progress, you benefit from uncompromising quality in every variant. Do you want a glamorous finish for your kitchen? Then give your kitchen an appealing look with high-gloss fronts. Black handles or fillet mouldings stylishly highlight the mystique of the striking green shade. From robust melamine, to a high recycled content, to olive green lacquered ash: give yourHäcker kitchen a fresh look with our SCALA front in olive green.

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SCALA Olive green with system: The organised type

The concept130 SCALA Olive Green offers you numerous options for individually organising the interior of your kitchen. Pot cupboards with the powder-coated Le Mans cupboard rail ensure perfect access. Sunday rolls stay fresh for a long time in the base cabinet with integrated linen bread bag. Do you want to make the most of the available space? Then practical suspended shelves and tandem cupboard pull-outs are just the thing. In our living section, you'll find sideboards, LED light boards, dining tables, tall cabinets and small-scale accessories to integrate your kitchen equipment into your design philosophy.

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Worktops for SCALA Olive Green Fronts

Some worktops for concept130 SCALA Olive Green fronts feature the patented Softtouch technology. In addition to a high-contrast colour concept, they thus convince with a particularly sensual feel. The additional lighting profiles create a homely and well-lit ambience at the touch of a button. Thanks to the clever PUResist gluing and secure edges, even frequent moisture cannot harm your kitchen. The combination of olive green and silk grey or light grey oak looks particularly exquisite. In this way, your kitchen design can be interpreted in a Scandinavian, Mediterranean or cosmopolitan way.

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360° Life - holistic organisation

Life is never static, but always changing: our kitchen concepts should be just as changeable. Your everyday life is just as individual as the design options of the concept130 SCALA Olive Green kitchen. The subdivision of areas such as storage, home office, living room, dining lounge and utility room allows for efficient living dynamics that bring even more well-being. Customise your kitchen to your individual needs through geometric proportions, different textures and materials. Compatibility with all current smarthome systems not only awards the concept130 SCALA Olive Green aesthetic plus points, but also scores on a technical level. From the Cooking Agent to the sound system from BLAUPUNKT, this Häcker ensemble is a tribute to well thought-out kitchen architecture.

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concept130 SCALA Olive green in tested quality

At Häcker, we guarantee quality through our in-house test laboratory. Carpenters, material engineers and designers form a competent triad that puts innovations through their paces. Here we check UV resistance, experiment with recycled materials and develop repair materials as a first aid at home. All surfaces and fittings have to withstand stringent tests before they are considered suitable for practical use. From chemical influences, to climatic behaviour, to long-term exposure, we leave nothing to chance. For this purpose, we use the most modern measuring methods and reliable test values - because quality is a science in itself to which we are glad to devote ourselves.

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