systemat AV6000 NCS terracotta AV 2135 crystal white: Spectacular staging of the Mediterranean attitude to life

You want to bring the feeling of a warm embrace into your home? Then this kitchen variation from the systemat line is just the thing: the star of this kitchen is terracotta. A colour that radiates pure joie de vivre and captures the sunlight in every room, no matter where you live. It immediately creates a Mediterranean atmosphere and transports us to places of longing such as southern Europe, without the need for a long-distance trip. In combination with the black handle strips and the white kitchen island with fronts in crystal white, the room is given liveliness and focus. The well thought-out details are functional and the timeless design conveys a feeling of arriving and breathing a sigh of relief. After all, where else should you feel more at home than in your own kitchen?

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Mediterranean lifestyle, modern interpretation

A warm kiss of the sun on the earth: terracotta. It softly whispers the promise of an eternal sunset into the heart. In this kitchen ensemble, the Mediterranean lifestyle of Tuscany has been combined with the minimalism of modernity. The result is a particularly subtle interpretation of the southern European attitude to life that is unparalleled. Despite being tone-in-tone with the wall, the tall unit is the star of this ensemble. Equipped with modern built-in appliances at an ergonomic height and accentuated with open shelves, it stands completely on its own and looks simply and simply good. In front of it, the kitchen island with fronts in crystal white looks like a delicate supporting actress. In contrast, it appears almost transparent and further enhances the warmth of the terracotta tall unit.

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Break with expectations

A systemat AV 6000 NCS terracotta AV 2135 crystal white plays with contrasts with the help of its straight lines. Anyone who thinks that an ultra-modern and contemporary kitchen in terracotta cannot exist will be proven wrong. Purism breaks with the cosy-looking colour tone, creating a particularly appealing overall picture. It resembles a harmonious dance of contrasts - thanks to the minimalist design of the furniture shape and the warm elegance of terracotta. The kitchen island in crystal white presents itself as both counterpart and accomplice. Both elements have their minimalist cube shape and matt surfaces in common. They are opposites above all in the colour scheme.

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No fear of straightforwardness

The fascination of structures in the kitchen manifests itself in an ode to purism, where clean lines and thoughtful shapes create a symphony of simplicity. Here, surfaces rise to become works of art, each texture a poem for the senses. The essence of purist design can be celebrated with the AV 6000 NCS terracotta systemat, and clear structures become the main protagonists with depth due to the brown-red shade. From smooth worktops to minimalist cabinets, every room becomes a canvas on which the beauty of geometry is expressed. The passion for structures can be found in every square centimetre, every detail is thoughtfully placed.

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Avant-garde beauty with a sense of detail

Through the use of avant-garde elements, natural materials and innovative technology, our systemat product line combines elegance, class and luxury to create a first-class whole. In the colour tone of systemat AV 6000 NCS terracotta, it proves how it can capture, combine and reinterpret entire lifestyles. But the ensembles of our systemat line are not only a visual delight - it is also functionally ready for the big stage: open and closed cupboard compartments offer space for practical and decorative kitchen objects that are always within reach. Gently pull-out drawers bring additional convenience to everyday life, almost invisibly. Highly efficient built-in kitchen appliances from BLAUPUNKT are technically convincing all along the line.

Image of the AV 6000-GL eucalyptus

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