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concept130 CALGARY-GL velvet oak-greige: Harmoniously blended

Do you want a timeless, minimalist kitchen and understated elegance at the same time? The velvet oak greige of this kitchen ensemble could be the solution. The unobtrusive greige colour lends this set an elegant yet neutral basis that underlines the simple and clear appearance of the minimalist style. This combination creates a calm atmosphere in which every detail is deliberately chosen. The refined simplicity of the minimalist design is enhanced by the calm colour tone, giving this kitchen ensemble a gentle appeal that is second to none.

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Perfectly shaped, aesthetic and attractive

This concept130 variant is well thought-out down to the last detail: in addition to the special architecture of the room and the kitchen, the technical features built into this ensemble are captivating. Like the two cupboards with Climber, a sensor-controlled electric glass louvre front in black with a glass shelf. Or the LED lights with colour temperature control. Despite the high-quality technology, the visual focus here is on aesthetics: the bronze-coloured mouldings find their counterpart in the bronze-coloured kitchen rear wall. Thanks to open shelving elements, this can be equipped with favourite dishes or decorative elements.

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Neutral, but not white: Calgary-GL greige velvet oak

Not grey, but not beige either: Greige, as a subtle blend of grey and beige, lends the kitchen a timelessly elegant aura. The balanced mix ratio means that our greige velvet oak can be combined with a variety of styles and materials, while the colour itself creates a calm canvas on which every accent is skilfully shown to advantage. Greige, like white, also acts as an ideal amplifier for light: when natural light falls on greige-coloured surfaces, soft light paintings are created that convey warmth, cosiness and unobtrusive aesthetics.

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Coolness meets warmth

The subtle elegance of the fronts in greige velvet oak is accentuated by the combination with bronze-coloured mouldings. The greige colour gives the kitchen a timelessly modern look, while the bronze-coloured mouldings add a touch of antiquity, warmth and subtle glamour. This combination creates a balanced contrast between natural nuances and metallic highlights. The bronze-coloured fillets emphasise the contours of the furniture and add visual fixed points. This synergy between greige and bronze gives the kitchen an inviting charm that combines the perfection of contemporary design with subtle vintage elements. Would you like to experience the special colour interplay live? Then visit our Häcker Showrooom or find a Häcker kitchen dealer near you.

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Details make the difference

Today, a modern kitchen not only serves to prepare food, but is also a cosy living and working space at the same time. This is also the case here: One part of the limestone repro panel serves as a work surface in the kitchen and the other part as a mini home office, which is seamlessly connected to the work surface. Do some quick paperwork while the cake is baking in the oven? Nothing could be easier! Recessed LED luminaires with temperature control provide the light you need. The wardrobe in Uno Graphite blends in just as effortlessly. It is a few shades darker than the grey kitchen ensemble, creating a tone-in-tone effect. The bronze-coloured handles of the coat rack echo the bronze-coloured mouldings of the kitchen, so that the entire room design looks like it has been created from a single moulding.

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Do you want individual touches of colour?

This concept130 CALGARY greige velvet oak kitchen is enlivened by colourful interiors. The understated elegance of the velvet oak-greige fronts form an ideal canvas for adding vibrant splashes of colour. Feel like a painter in the studio: accents in bold colours such as navy blue, mustard yellow or jade green can be integrated into the room concept via kitchen utensils, chairs or textiles. These subtle but effective colour accents create visual stimuli and give the kitchen a very personal touch. In combination, this creates a kitchen that combines timeless elegance with a refreshing touch of modern colour design. Decide for yourself how colourful you want your kitchen painting to be - not only when buying a kitchen, but again and again.

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