AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak

The AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak kitchen from the systemat product line is both elegant and homely. It is open and modern. The glass front on the tall unit skilfully breaks up the view and proves to be a successful mix of materials. Continuous linear lighting highlights the cabinet contents. Minimalist cabinets and pull-outs ensure a clear, purist design. 

First-class and convenient storage space

Love at first sight: the Metro-Box pull-out system with MOVE interior organisation. Solid-wood cutlery inserts – here light beech wood – ensure convenient organisation and harmonise perfectly with the titanium grey pull-outs. 
Wide, black handle strips reflect the horizontal, minimalist lines of the kitchen concept. Wall units and tall cabinets do not need handles and can be opened easily at the touch of a finger. Also equipped with our MOVE interior organisation, the cabinet units provide plenty of storage space. Particularly practical: the pharmacist cabinet. It is conveniently accessible from both sides so that all stowed elements can be removed at any time. Stylish tidiness – this is how the basic design principle for systemat AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak could be summarised. 

Technical equipment

The systemat AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak excels both on functional and aesthetic terms. Because the wall units, which dazzle with a purist, handleless design, are easy to operate thanks to the Servodrive electronic opening support. The servo drive allows the swing door to move up while you are already reaching for the salt mill. The cabinet interior’s titanium colour harmonises perfectly with the colour of the AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak. 

Straight lines, premium materials

This open, modern kitchen is presented in a warm, greige velvet oak finish. The UV matte lacquer of its surfaces gives the kitchen its exclusive, noble character.  Incident sunlight refracts off the horizontal grain of the wood decor and makes it stand out in an attractive way.  Thanks to the uniform colouring, the interplay with the wood decor creates a clean and at the same time natural look. The warm colour of the AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak kitchen surface is both subdued and inviting. The anti-fingerprint property of the PerfectSense matte surfaces prevent marks even on frequently touched surfaces. 
This is how comfort works: thanks to their high durability and resistance, these surfaces are pleasantly easy to clean.  The UV matte lacquer not only brings uniformity to the texture of all surfaces, but also makes work areas particularly resistant to sunlight, cleaning agents or stains. This also applies to the kitchen unit, whose black worktop and splashback also dazzle with PerfectSense® features. Light strips, black surfaces and glass elements set unobtrusive accents. The systemat AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak is rounded off by selected kitchen accessories.

The Linero MosaiQ railing is not just a visually attractive item – kitchen utensils also sit at ease here on double hooks and on the universal shelf: directly where they are needed. Worktop and splashback merge into one another in a uniform design with black PerfectSense® surface. 
The kitchen is completed by its built-in appliances. Black glass and a minimalist white display: BLAUPUNKT’s built-in oven with steam addition blends seamlessly into the kitchen ensemble. For an uncomplicated compilation of your dream kitchen, feel free to use our kitchen planning tool.

Linear light accents

Lighting is a key design element of the systemat AV 2042 Greige Velvet Oak. Light strips take up the lines of the kitchen architecture. Highlights – in the truest sense of the word – are the illuminated Linero MosaiQ railing on the kitchen splashback and the illuminated tall cabinet.
Featuring a glass door enclosed in a black metal frame, this showcase casts a spotlight on tea bowls, porcelain or bottles.  The vertical LED lighting behind the glass front adds another visual axis to the kitchen. The pointed use of glass and light not only sets the scene for the cabinet contents, but also establishes a visual connection to the kitchen unit.  
Additional lighting is provided by smart home-compatible spotlights integrated into the base of the wall units above the sink. 

Perfect connection to the living area

With its straightforward aesthetics, this sideboard creates a beautiful link between living area and kitchen design. In restrained greige velvet oak, this piece of furniture functions as an ideal presentation surface for your collectibles. A special feature of this sideboard: the open shelf element with metal frame and integrated lighting from our shelf range one. The black frame harmonises perfectly with the black base element and the greige velvet oak colour of the sideboard, setting design pieces or decorative picture books under the right light. Everything else disappears into the abundant storage space. This sideboard offers style and functionality at the same time. A style upgrade in a calm colour and simple form that has it all.