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Häcker is the reliable local partner to realise your kitchen dreams. Discover timeless kitchen accessories made of premium materials and with modern designs to make your kitchen one-of-a-kind. From cabinets to worktops to the interior organisation of your cabinets: Design every detail according to your wishes.

Surfaces: your kitchen’s distinctive face

How do you imagine your dream kitchen? From urban style to various country-style designs to modern minimalism: Make – nearly – every dream come true with our fantastic kitchen range. Do you favour the industrial style? If so, let us recommend the colour brushed steel paired with stainless steel coloured elements – be it handles, skid frames or metal frame doors. Whether matte or high-gloss, with real wood veneer or velvety PerfectSense®surface: our design variety is nearly unlimited. Make your kitchen a visual statement with colour accents or underline the design with tasteful earthly tones to achieve an ambience inspired by the natural look. 

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Worktops – durable designs for your Häcker kitchen

Worktops are a central component of every kitchen, so it is all the more important to choose the right one. If you fancy natural styles, you will find attractive designs for the worktops in our 21 wood decors. Those who choose one of our high-quality PerfectSense® surfaces have a wide colour palette to choose from, including stunning natural stone reproductions such as Carrara white, Moonstone light or Marble anthracite.  We make quality our priority to ensure your kitchen’s longevity but also strive to guarantee a flawless look. You can also choose the thickness of your worktop to your liking: from a delicate 1.6 cm to 2.5 cm to a sturdy 4 cm. Let our 5-cm thick bar tops or 8-cm thick lectern tops win you over. 

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BLAUPUNKT: subdued premium technology for your Häcker kitchen

BLAUPUNKT is our trusted partner should you like to buy a Häcker kitchen fitted with high-end technology. After all, high-quality built-in appliances should not only meet your functional and aesthetic requirements but also be intuitive to operate and oriented towards sustainability. The fact that BLAUPUNKT offers first-class solutions here is demonstrated by the 2 Red Dot Awards presented to BLAUPUNKT in June 2023. As a nice additional option, you can add a powerful sound system to the heart of your home. All your senses will be thus stimulated when you meet friends, or you can start the day with loud music to put you in a brilliant morning mood.

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Sideboard & Co.: cosy eat-in kitchen with modern flair

Sideboards add that certain something to your kitchen. Minimalist shapes, open tall units plus lowboards and highboards draw an exciting topography and lend your eat-in dining area a casual touch. Behind the doors of your closed sideboards, you will find stylish storage for frequently used home accessories. Open shelves are particularly suitable for stylishly showcasing design and favourite pieces. At Häcker, you will also find functional furniture in suitable designs for your utility room - for a well thought-out, holistic interior that makes your daily routine easier and nicer. Because a successful design combines pragmatism with aesthetics – for countless charming everyday moments.

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Wine cooler as a built-in cabinet: pleasure and design in one

Wine coolers as built-in fridges combine stylish enjoyment with attractive design. Create the ideal stage for your wine stock with a wine fridge in a timelessly understated design. The temperature control, which is accurate to the degree, ensures that you enjoy every drop at the optimum drinking temperature. Whether electronically controlled push-to-open or anti-vibration system, the BLAUPUNKT 5WK 610FF0 wine fridge, among others, creates optimal storage conditions for your fine wines. Not surprisingly, it received a Red Dot Award in the "Kitchen Appliances" category in 2023. See everything at first glance thanks to the interior lighting and glass pane. For professional wine tastings, we recommend customised work surfaces.

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Small accessories for your Häcker kitchen

Small accessories give your Häcker kitchen its own soul. Discover original themed shelves, storage boxes, tandem cabinets and drawer inserts to add the finishing touches to the heart of your home. Knobs, handles and grip rails discreetly underline your living style. Do you want a handleless kitchen with a minimalist look? With push-to-open, Tipmatic Softclose, Sensomatic and Servodrive, you have a colourful bouquet of state-of-the-art opening solutions at your fingertips.

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Storage: Transform your storage

Organise your storage down to the last detail with our storage accessories – all stylistically and meticulously matched to furnishings. Dry goods, muesli flakes and spices stay fresh for a long time in transparent storage containers. Content becomes the decorative protagonist of an inviting scenery. Thanks to their holder, cans neatly remain in their usual place in the cabinet. When opened, individual ingredients can be found with just a flick of the wrist. Storage containers were designed for upper spice cabinets, tall storage cabinets and niche rails to offer you maximum flexibility.

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Handles and locking systems for individual kitchen designs

With handles in a modern or traditional look, you can favour a matching harmony with your kitchen surfaces or create effective contrasts. Whether round as a knob, as a brass-coloured knob or elegant bar handle with a stainless-steel look, it is often details that ultimately build a kitchen’s character. Would you like a handleless kitchen? Find the perfect opening support in our Tipmatic Softclose technology. The Sensomatic opening system offers even more convenience through electromechanical opening.  Drawers and pull-outs slide out completely almost by themselves. It doesn't get any easier than this.

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Shelving and themed shelving: storage space for your Häcker kitchen

Shelves in every conceivable shape and size provide ample storage space in your Häcker kitchen. The play with proportions, heights and depths creates an individual interior whose final polish is created by your needs. Works of art, high-quality cookware or greenery can be placed here to give your home a very personal touch. Find your ideal shelf combination using pull-out shelves, wall shelves or tall cabinet shelves. . Incidentally: add a special highlight to your kitchen composition with a themed shelf – from the green wall to the home office.

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Waste systems: Do away with chaos discreetly

Waste systems greatly simplify the kitchen’s workflow. Dispose of bowls and leftovers after eating in one easy step. Hanging and standing systems are available for clean, sustainable waste separation. For example, you can easily sweep waste into the collection container under the worktop while cooking. Container sizes can be adapted to your personal needs – depending on whether you need to dispose of packaging material or organic waste. Smart disposal is always made to measure to realise your ideas and meet your preferences.

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