systemat AV 7030 black star AV 6000 NCS: Two main actors harmoniously combined

A kitchen design like an expressive yet unobtrusive painting. Here, the fronts of the systemat product line AV 7030 Black Star stone veneer have come together with the royal blue AV 6000 NCS to effectively set the scene for each other. Both colour tones and haptics complement and emphasise each other without stealing the show. They enter into a delightful symbiosis that appears noble on the one hand and rustic on the other. In their interplay, the two fronts radiate a certain depth and seriousness that lends every room that certain something. The impressive duet is completed by selected details that give the kitchen ensemble the finishing touch. 

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Details make the difference

"The magic is always in the detail", as Fontane already knew. The design of this kitchen ensemble also follows this principle: starting with the velvety, dark blue fronts, whose appeal is enhanced by the minimalist lines, to the structured Black Star stone veneer front, which skilfully captures and reproduces light and shade. The attention to detail continues with the special feature of the sliding desk top. Thanks to it, the worktop can be extended with a quick flick of the wrist, for example to create even more work surface, or space for a buffet or for a sociable cocktail or coffee - the possibilities are endless. The discreet handles add the finishing touch to this kitchen variation.

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Sophistication included

We all wish for a little more of the good. Something that brings magic into everyday life, and shows us the heights that the sophistication of furniture designers can reach. No one has to wait long for this moment. It comes in abundance with this version of a systemat AV 7030 Black Star. The desk top, which can be easily moved, immediately provides more space for working. The use of an inset ceramic sink, which in combination with a matt black fitting looks as if it has been cast from one piece, gives the kitchen an additional distinguished understatement. The combination of the noble ceramic material and the dark fitting creates a cool yet impressive effect. Nothing is distracting or superfluous here, and nothing interrupts the impression made by this kitchen ensemble.

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Double holds better

Perfectly thought-out: The pantry as an extension of the work area. Here, food and kitchen utensils find the space they need. Thanks to its immediate proximity to the kitchen, it can be reached in seconds and reveals its many possibilities at a glance. With pull-outs, additional work surfaces, illuminated boards, a wine refrigerator as well as a second sink, efficient work organisation in the background is child's play - and there is no chaos in the kitchen. What more could you want? In terms of colour, the pantry artfully contrasts with the front area of the systemat AV 7030 Black Star. Beige fronts in combination with white make this work area literally shine and are no longer remotely reminiscent of the utility room you are used to.

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