systemat AV 7030 black star AV 6000 NCS: Two main actors harmoniously combined

Confident, elegant and modern: This kitchen design impresses with a combination of dark grey stone veneer fronts and a black-framed centre island with deep blue fronts. The colour tones and haptics of both front ranges complement each other perfectly, as they accentuate each other without stealing each other's thunder. The result is a delightful symbiosis that looks sophisticated and contemporary at the same time. The impressive duet is completed by a special systemat feature that adds the finishing touch to the kitchen ensemble. The adjoining utility room provides ample space for your wine supplies and the storage of many a kitchen appliance, from a blender to a waffle iron.  

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Details make the difference

"The magic is always in the detail", as Fontane already knew. The design of this kitchen ensemble also follows this principle: starting with the velvety soft, dark blue fronts of the AV 6000, through the minimalist black handle strips and the high-quality ceramic worktop, to the structured stone veneer Black-star front, which is shown off particularly beautifully by the incident daylight. The kitchen island holds a special highlight of our systemat product line: a sliding stone worktop – our flying bridge – that looks extremely filigree with its slender 2.5 cm thickness. While in its initial position it covers the flush, frameless hob, when pushed out it creates a small seating area at the central island. In this way, you create a stylish place in the middle of the kitchen to work, drink coffee, talk or sip cocktails – just as you want and need it at the moment.  

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Unlimited flexibility

Flexibility – hardly anything is more important in today's world where we always have to meet different demands. This also applies to our home – and especially to the kitchen, which, depending on the circumstances, is sometimes a place of culinary creativity, sometimes a turbulent family centre, a quiet home office space or the place where we party with the clique or confide in our best friend. Our flying bridge is one way of accommodating these changing demands on your kitchen. Because who doesn't know it: the need to simply have more storage space? The sliding worktop turns this wish into reality. As a delicate plate, it covers the hob when pushed in. This means that the entire area of the central island can be used without having to take the glass hob into consideration. The high-quality natural stone material of the worktop including flying bridge, in the elegant shade Silk Negro naturale, impresses with enormous scratch resistance, hygienic surface texture and insensitivity. The flying bridge is also practical when visitors suddenly arrive. The worktop is pushed out briefly – and your guests can join you at the centre island without you having to interrupt your activities in the kitchen. Those who appreciate flexibility will love this systemat feature!

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Welcome to the Skandi back office

Perfectly thought-out: the pantry as an extension of the work area. Here, food and kitchen utensils find the space they need. Thanks to its immediate proximity to the kitchen, the pantry is conveniently accessible at all times and reveals its many possibilities at a glance. With pull-out shelves, generous work surfaces, boards with integrated LED lighting, two high-quality BLAUPUNKT wine refrigerators as well as a second sink, a lot can be stored here and prepared in the background – with the nice side effect that the kitchen remains free for the main act. In terms of colour, the pantry contrasts with the elegant kitchen. Fronts in AV 6080 Oak Elegant create, in combination with AV 2135 Light Grey, a friendly, Scandinavian-like lightness – a bright, carefree design that looks particularly good in windowless utility rooms.

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