Häcker concept130: A kitchen concept that takes all needs into account

Visually pleasing, harmonious and functional: The concept130 product line offers a broad range of variants to design your dream kitchen entirely according to your wishes. Thanks to elements that allows nearly endless combinations, our concept130 kitchens can meet every taste and need – and designed as if cast from a single mould. The reason? No matter how customers may design their dream kitchen, a concept130 kitchen never looks as a set of different building blocks arranged next to each other. Instead, they always form a homogeneous unit and are an individual expression of your lifestyle. Customers can use our grid system to design their dream kitchen leaving nothing aside. With concept130, your personal kitchen dream comes true in a very concrete way – from the colour and shape design language to the technical implementation and the interior of cabinets and pull-outs.  

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A wide palette of colours

Kitchens are more than just workspaces. They are the heart of a home, source of culinary delicacies and gathering places – all in one. This makes it all the more important to carefully consider the purchase of a new kitchen and to understand which habits, needs and ideas should one’s own dream kitchen fulfil. Thus, we’ve chosen to focus on versatility: from our numerous front ranges to the colour scheme and the choice of cabinet heights and depths, you will design your kitchen to your liking, meeting all your wishes and spatial requirements. Our extensive colour palette is an outstanding personalisation tool. Because further to the eleven standard colours, we offer six additional trend colours – our Selection shades – for certain front lines. These include Azure, Blackberry, Burgundy, Eucalyptus, Ocean and Natural Umber.  What do you fancy? A kitchen in warm beige? An intense blue, fresh mint green or rather mysterious black? Would you prefer it glossy or matte? At Häcker, the choice is entirely yours. 

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Easily consider the psychology of colours

concept130’s broad colour selection allows designing kitchens in a uniform colour or putting together an ensemble of different colours and surfaces. What effect would you like to create? A cool colour like Ocean conveys calm and freshness, while warm colours like Cashmere or Crema Magnolia create an inviting and homely atmosphere. Light colours can visually enlarge the space, while darker shades add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your space. High-contrast combinations create visual interest and a narrower colour spectrum provides a sense of balance and well-being. Your colour selection can significantly influence the kitchen’s mood and character. Turn the colour wheel and draw inspiration from our kitchen ensembles. 

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Convenience meets smart space

Smart kitchen design does not only mean a well thought-out visual design, but also refers to your kitchen’s functionality, convenience and technical equipment. High-quality appliances, short working distances, ease of use and maximum storage space are key criteria in kitchen planning. As expected, our concept130 kitchens lean heavily on such criteria. BLAUPUNKT electrical appliances – which incidentally received one of the globally recognised Red Dot Awards in 2023 for two of its products – put you in an advantageous position when it comes to technology, design, ease of use and sustainability. To start with, you can choose between different cabinet heights and depths when designing your kitchen. But your preferences are also decisive as regards worktop thickness, the kitchen splashback design or the choice of handles. To equip the inside of your cabinets and drawers, you will find all kinds of kitchen accessories  at Häcker. This means that you can also make efficient use of every square centimetre inside your kitchen – and enjoy the view of perfectly tidy, well-organised drawers and cabinets every day. 

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Designing open kitchens with functionality in mind

As Häcker, we are convinced that a good kitchen not only invites you to cook and bake but also to gather together and work. Thus, the concept130 product line makes it easy to give your kitchen a functional upgrade. Do you like working at your desk but still want to stay close to the action? Or you lack any space for a "proper" office?  Häcker offers practical and beautiful solutions for both scenarios, with cabinet and table elements conjuring up a workplace as a kitchen extension. In turn, this creates a highly functional home office in your kitchen with a well-integrated seating area that offers space for your laptop and other work utensils. The perfect solution, especially for open-plan living concepts in which cooking, living and working are allowed to merge seamlessly. Turn your kitchen into the multifunctional centre of your home. 

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Concurrent purism and homeliness

High-quality kitchens become lifelong companions. They become one with your home, turn into the backdrop for small and big moments of everyday life and set the bar for furnishings outside the kitchen. Hence the relevance of creating kitchens of timeless elegance, such as those you’ll find in Häcker’s concept130 product line. The ample range of colours, structures, shapes, sizes, heights, depths and complementary features leaves nothing to be desired - guaranteed! Explore the design options offered by concept130 and feel the excitement with our ensembles. 

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Häcker's commitment to sustainability

The concept130 product line is an open commitment to sustainability because concept130 means eco-friendly production processes and resource-saving materials. Energy-efficient technologies are used to minimise the CO₂ footprint, and we pay special attention to the use of renewable raw materials and recyclable materials. Compliance with strict environmental standards and certifications on our own initiative demonstrate our commitment to ecological action. Continuous optimisation and traceability of the supply chains ensure sustainability along the entire production chain. Therefore, customers choosing a concept130 kitchen not only receive a high-quality kitchen but also opt for an eco-friendly product. In this way, we can together live up to the responsibility we bear towards our earth and future generations. Realise your kitchen design while protecting our future.


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