Front view of concept130 with kitchen island and tall unit in Bali Light Summer Oak in the foreground, and kitchen unit in Perfect Soft Crystal White in the background.

concept130 BALI Light Summer Oak | PERFECT SOFT Crystal white

The concept130 combination of BALI Light Summer Oak and PERFECT SOFT Crystal White convey a sense of well-being. Ceiling-high storage space, easy-care surfaces and warm wood decor characterise this Häcker kitchen ensemble. By using warm wood tones paired with white surfaces and green wall colour accents, this kitchen composition radiates calm, warmth and freshness at the same time. Light accents, such as the illuminated kitchen railing, and stainless steel-coloured handles provide the necessary touch of stylish modernity.

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Breathe in the green of the forest

Light wooddecor is the key design element of this kitchen composition, creating a friendly, inviting atmosphere at first glance. Natural oak decor meets lively green and a kitchen unit in radiant crystal white. In front of the bright white PERFECT SOFT cabinets, the natural look of the BALI light summer oak comes into its own particularly well. The decentralised arrangement of the kitchen island, which connects to the wall shelf, creates an airy kitchen with plenty of freedom of movement. Cooking and celebrating in large groups comes naturally here. This design kitchen will quickly become your favourite place in the house – one that invites to chat, enjoy and linger.

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Storage space up to the sky with BALI light summer oak.

The kitchen island is complemented by a protruding tall unit with continuous handleless fronts in the BALI light summer oak version. The uniform door, side panel and plinth design brings nature into your home with its light oak pattern. Further to the built-in oven and microwave, there is also room for a fridge-freezer combination behind the doors. All cabinets can be opened very conveniently by means of a push-to-open mechanism - a brief press of the finger and the spring pressure causes the doors to spring open gently. When planning cabinets, the Häcker concept130 range offers completely individual solutions – from storage base cabinets with platinum-coloured Metro internal pull-outs to tall cabinets with a practical swivel pull-out for storing bottles and the like. Ceiling-high tall unit elements make optimum use of the available wall space and ensure a clean, tidy look without dust-catching corners and angles. 

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Crystal white landscape with PERFECT SOFT surfaces

The kitchen unit in clear crystal white brings freshness to the kitchen composition and stands in stark contrast with the green wall colour. The narrow, stainless steel-coloured handles create a visual connection to the identically equipped kitchen island. The easy-care PerfectSense® work surface in matte crystal white is unpretentious and puristic. 
The kitchen unit is complemented by a white wall unit with handleless fronts and push-to-open mechanism. The practical Linero MosaiQ rail runs parallel underneath the cabinet and its LED lighting creates individual lighting moods ranging from warm to cool white. From the hook rail and universal shelf to the magnetic knife holder, this railing is ideal for keeping frequently used kitchen accessories close at hand.  Practical feature: the top cabinet with crystal white satin-finish glass roller shutters. From the glass slats to the built-in socket strip and the glass shelves, every detail here integrates perfectly into the overall kitchen layout – both visually and in practical terms. 

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All-rounder kitchen island

The pull-outs on the cooking island offer plenty of space for pans, pots and dishes. Stainless steel coloured handles add a modern touch to the rustic wood decor.  Particularly ingenious solution: the worktop is extended far enough to reach over to the built-in wall shelf. On the one hand, this creates a seating area next to the cooking island, which is perfect for reading, drinking coffee or working on a laptop. On the other hand, it also creates a perfect transition to the shelf as a living element, as the worktop doubles as the lowest shelf. 
Cooking and living – in this kitchen composition, everything merges smoothly into one another to form a harmonious whole.

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Staying organised, even when the heat is on

Kitchens that become your life companions: your Häcker concept130’s flexibility and customisation options make kitchen planning a pleasure. If you value cabinet tidiness, you will be delighted with our wide range of accessories. All our pull-outs and drawers feature the Metro pull-out system, which can be pulled out completely and – thanks to its high-quality workmanship – can also withstand high loads (40-70 kg depending on the version). When it comes to the interior design, cutlery inserts, optionally made of premium solid wood or easy-care plastic, ensure order and clarity. They can be perfectly complemented by modular filing systems with flexible dividers. 
Easy to retrofit and particularly subtle: our child safety lock for drawers and pull-outs is fitted below the bottom of the drawer. This keeps your concept130’s appearance as clean as ever, while offering the necessary safety under the surface.

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he way to your Häcker dream kitchen

A place to relax or rather an energetic, creative and culinary centre of activity? Our unique concept130 grid system combines different requirements in a harmonious concept. Trust our experts with your kitchen design. 

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