concept130 CALGARY velvet oak black with SCALA amaranth: Harmonious contrast

Elegance with a touch of colourful extravagance: this is what this concept130 variation CALGARY velvet oak black with SCALA amaranth represents. While the strong tone of the fronts in CALGARY fine oak black provides the strong yet minimalist foundation, the soft shade of red amaranth lends the ensemble a fresh, playful liveliness without being obtrusive. The black kitchen unit is given an additional modern look by the matt surface. The amaranth cleverly moves into the foreground in terms of colour without dominating the kitchen scene. Instead, the result is a kitchen design that skilfully combines contrasts and opposites. 

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A kitchen that invites you to create

Creating inviting rooms with a relaxed to cheerful atmosphere – this is easy to achieve with the right home furnishings and accessories. The kitchen unit is given a playful touch by the combination of different heights and colours as well as kitchen elements with and without handles. The table attached across the corner can be used as a workplace or breakfast bar. The slanted runners of the table and bar stool bring variety to the otherwise strictly geometric overall arrangement and lend an airy note to the compact design. This little sitting area is made for a cosy break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with fresh coffee. The stacked, amaranth-coloured wall units with push-to-open mechanism provide ample space for larger equipment, cookbooks or home accessories. The sideboard in SCALA Amarant picks up the colour of the wall units, creating the perfect transition between kitchen and living area. A place of relaxation and light-heartedness.

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Just as everything at Häcker can be freely planned, this kitchen ensemble can also be individualised: The niche panelling of the kitchen is available in different versions. Here you can see our CUBE Amarant, which presents a delicate amaranth cube pattern on a black background and thus skilfully picks up on the warm colours of the concept130 CALGARY velvet oak black and SCALA Amarant and sets the scene. But classic niche tiles can also be a beautiful, discreet addition to the front in CALGARY velvet oak black. For those who like things a little more exotic, our Moroccan niche panelling (Marrakesh blue, grey or red) is a real eye-catcher. If you have a soft spot for light play or round shapes, you will find a subtle pattern in the "Confetti" niche panelling, which is reminiscent of blurred, overlapping points of light in shades of grey, white and apricot. And for those who prefer subtle nature motifs, our "Dandelion" niche panelling is a beautiful alternative.

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PerfectSense® gives you more time for the finer things in life

Our kitchens impresses not only visually, but also in their feel and function. The black worktop of this kitchen, for example, has a lacquer layer with a micro-surface structure. This PerfectSense® coating has valuable anti-fingerprint properties that make fingerprints disappear as quickly as they appear. CALARY velvet oak black combines the natural look of grained wood decor with the beauty and resistance of UV matt lacquer and contrasts beautifully with the smooth surface of SCALA amaranth. Beautiful, expressive, easy to clean: the surfaces of this kitchen ensemble offer everything your heart desires. At the same time, they radiate freshness as well as calm and comfort.

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Hidden beauties

A further highlight of the design presented here is the matching coat rack, which impresses with its elegant colour scheme, also in CALGARY velvet oak black. Behind the black fronts with black wood decor grain there is enough space for jackets, coats, hats and bags. The black metal handles are a structure-forming moment and continue the geometric design of the kitchen. As this coat rack shows, when planning your kitchen it is also worth thinking about colour-matching living room furniture, which creates harmoniously coordinated living areas. The most beautiful thing about it? Our living room furniture can be put together freely and individually. This applies to coat racks as well as sideboards and lowboards. They can all be adapted to your requirements in height and width, taking into account our 130 mm grid dimension. You can also decide on the number of open and closed elements and the front design – just as you wish.


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