General view of the concept130 PRFECT BRILLANT-GL crystal white and BALI walnut, in the foreground the bench in walnut, behind it across the corner the crystal white kitchen island with modular shelving elements


Gallery atmosphere for your home: PERFECT BRILLANT-GL Crystal White and BALI Walnut captivate with a balanced colour composition and individual design. This open concept130 plan shines with its crystal-white kitchen island docked on one side and a ceiling-mounted extractor fan. White midi cabinets at the kitchen’s back reinforce the airy feeling while the wall-hung version offers convenient handling for floor maintenance. The kitchen is framed by different tones in the walnut colour scheme. Along the walls, the lively grain of the wood decor on the panelling, bench and splashback creates dynamism. White and walnut shelves effectively frame your favourite pieces – lighting included. 

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Opposites attract

The balanced design makes this handleless kitchen composition in the concept130 grid system particularly interesting. A perfectly balanced light-dark weighting and the dynamic arrangement of the kitchen furniture create a harmonious yet extremely lively whole. A partition wall and the corner connection of the cooking island and sideboard provide storage space as well as a clear visual division between the kitchen, work and living areas. The high-gloss surfaces of PERFECT BRILLANT-GL Crystal White create a tantalisingly clean, purist look that stands in stark contrast with the vertically grained, dark wood decor of BALI Walnut. High-gloss versus natural look; white perfection versus rustic cosiness: This concept130 charming design comes from the marriage of opposites. 

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Glittering power: Kitchen island in PERFECT BRILLANT-GL Crystal White finish

The spotlight of this design is on the handleless kitchen island finished with crystal white colour. Radiant white from the base to the worktop: the result is a gorgeous design of clear lines and purist elegance. The pull-outs, fitted with the practical Metro system, feature matching crystal white mouldings. The same-coloured side panels of the central island round off this uniform look. The fronts and worktop captivate with their high-gloss look and pleasant feel. Our PerfectSense® coating ensures a hygienic surface finish that also proves hard-wearing and easy to clean. Its anti-fingerprint properties ensure the absence of fingerprints and handprints. An added bonus for all those who appreciate a low-maintenance kitchen.  

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Solid background: BALI Walnut

With well thought-out BALI walnut tones, the kitchen ensemble demonstrates how to create homely islands within open-plan living designs. Wall design, colour selection and the wood decor grain play an essential role in this regard. The walnut repro splashback, a mesmerising contrast to the floating tall cabinets, intensifies the radiance of the crystal white high-gloss lacquer of kitchen fronts and counteracts the calm lacquer surface with its lively wood grain. As a more traditional element, the repro walnut wall panelling is offset by the kitchen’s clean design language. On rainy days, you can find a cosy place by the low BALI Walnut sideboard, which also serves as a support element for the central island. This modernly-interpreted kitchen bench serves a two-fold purpose: stylish seat and storage furniture. 

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Functionality in technology and design

The exclusive equipment of this design kitchen also deliver amazing technical features. The BLAUPUNKT cooker hood eliminates unpleasant odours effectively and quietly during cooking and frying. Moreover, the free-standing kitchen island in the room acts as a central reference point. There is plenty of room for pans and pots on the generous ceramic hob. Cooking zones and the extractor fan are operated directly via the Touchpoint hob - it hardly gets more practical than this! And BLAUPUNKT baking and cooking appliances, nicely integrated into Midi cabinets at a convenient height, make every baking project a joy. 

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Modular presentation area

The modern ensemble of PERFECT BRILLANT-GL Crystal White and BALI Walnut is rounded off by a group of shelves, finished in white and walnut and framing special unique pieces. The integrated LED lighting presents them under the perfect light. The muted box design of these shelving modules continues the formal language of the kitchen on the walls and underlines this design’s confident use of light and shade: darker areas under the slanted roof are specifically provided with LED light effects; vertically mounted shelves direct the view upwards. This way, even inconspicuous corners become eye-catching features.

Laser Brillant Crema magnolia

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Open-plan living concepts with different ceiling heights require particularly refined kitchen planning along with a flexible and high-quality kitchen. Our dealers can help you on both counts. 

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