Atmospheric delicacy: Minimalism meets SCALA Amaranth

Do you know these colours that immediately catch your eye without imposing themselves on you? This is exactly the effect of SCALA Amaranth from our concept130 product line. The slightly smoky red tone of this front conveys gentle warmth and cosiness – like a cosy evening with wine and candlelight in autumn. The soft yet striking shade skilfully complements the minimalist style of the kitchen design and, together with light wood tones, creates a cosy retreat. Our secret tip: cleverly combine the shade of red with details in similar or contrasting colours to give the room a boost of vibrancy or calm – depending on the effect you want to achieve. 

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Red and yet no red

Amaranth: This particular shade of our concept130 SCALA gives the kitchen shown here its special touch, while black handles skilfully add accents. Cleverly combined: The wall units in SCALA Greige on the kitchen rear wall, which harmonise perfectly with the Amarant in terms of colour and give the kitchen an additional serious touch. The white colour of the wall and worktop completes the colour triad, gives the kitchen freshness and ensures that the front colours can unfold their full colour effect. The table and chairs in wood colours blend harmoniously into the overall picture thanks to their light, delicate colouring. This design thus combines powerful charisma with a calm, peaceful atmosphere, creating a kitchen full of warmth and well-dosed contrasts.

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Storage space – but make it fashionable

As much effective storage space as possible that also looks good. This is standard when planning our kitchens. The extensive absence of open cupboard elements helps to give the kitchen a uniform and uncluttered look. At the same time, an unimaginable number of kitchen utensils can be stored in our cupboards – on the one hand, thanks to the large number of cupboards and pull-outs, and on the other hand, thanks to our organiser systems, with which plates, glasses and various cooking utensils can be sorted away in perfect order. Everything disappears protected from dust behind the stylish cupboard doors of the SCALA Amarant. This creates more comfort and quality of life. 

SCALA Amarant shelf with roller shutter cabinet with black tinted glass
SCALA Amarant without roller shutter cabinet with kitchen accessories

Let it roll

For those who like flexibility when it comes to storage space, our roller shutter wardrobe is the perfect solution. The elegant, black-tinted glass slats reveal the interior of the wardrobe when pushed together. Whether it's an espresso machine, KitchenAid or your favourite open cookbook on the book stand: this is the perfect place for everything that deserves a special place. And if you place a few pretty decorative elements here, you create the perfect transition to the adjoining living room. If required, the roller shutter can be extended to create an enclosed storage space that shines with a noble glass aesthetic. Particularly refined detail: the dark wardrobe interior colour, which lends additional elegance to the design.

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Order is half the battle

Anyone who has space for a utility room will find clever solutions at Häcker that make everyday activities much easier. Like sorting laundry, for example: The tall cupboard shown here has practical laundry trays that fortunately make sorting laundry before the wash cycle superfluous. Everything can easily be sorted into the six compartments: from white, dark and coloured laundry to wool, silk and cleaning textiles that need to be washed separately. Our design of the utility room with SCALA Greige fronts makes it possible to turn the otherwise rather step-motherly storage room into a space where people like to spend time. The fronts skilfully continue the furniture design of the kitchen and thus create a direct link to the kitchen. The wall unit creates additional storage space, for example for cleaning agents and accessories. The LED spotlights integrated into the base of the wall unit provide sufficient and pleasant lighting for the work area. Such a utility room is the perfect solution for anyone who has sufficient space and would like to combine aesthetics with order in the domestic area.

Smart Stone grey

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