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Häcker Kitchens increases sales

In 2021, the kitchen furniture industry enjoyed a good economic situation despite challenging conditions. Thanks to stable business and delivery processes as well as the launch of a new product line, Häcker Kitchens was able to continue its long-standing growth trajectory and generate total sales of 727 million euros (previous year 646 million euros, up 12.5%). The export share also increased slightly this year to 38.7%.


"However, this good result is dampened by the highest inflation rate in almost 30 years that we are experiencing now. We have to keep a close eye on material procurement costs and energy prices in order to maintain our economic success"
says Markus Sander, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Controlling.


Kitchens continue to be in vogue
Many consumers continued to invest in home improvements in 2021. As the heart of a home, the modern kitchen has now evolved into a space where people express their personal lifestyle. As a result, users require both maximum variety as well as full automation in their kitchens. By increasing capacity at the Venner production plant, Häcker has succeeded in meeting the extensive market demand at the right moment. State-of-the-art production facilities and our own painting systems for 190 RAL colours have increased the availability of customised kitchens. Häcker has also had to contend with general supply chain problems through 2021. The challenging situation on the procurement market was countered as far as possible by acting with foresight in order to secure the supply chains. Despite a tight situation in all procurement sectors, delivery times for Häcker kitchens and Blaupunkt appliances are at a good level.

In order to continue actively shaping the kitchen market, Häcker has introduced a new product line in 2021: concept130. The Rödinghausen-based company was thus able to present a product highlight at its in-house exhibition, which was very positively received by retailers due to features such as intelligent variety, technology & design, and sustainability. The same applies to the systemat product line presented in the fourth quarter of 2020, which as a new overall package became a key success factor in the past fiscal year.

Forward-looking steps
It is increasingly evident that sustainability has a special relevance at Häcker – in several respects. Water-based coatings and the use of recycled materials in product and packaging, a focus on local suppliers, climate-neutral production, and climate-neutral products illustrate a high sustainability standard. What's more, for many years Häcker has earned recognition for its high level of commitment to local nature conservation and social projects

Häcker Kitchen
Markus Sander
Häcker Kitchen
Häcker Kitchen

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