AV 6000-GL Eucalyptus & Black: The art of soloists

Are you looking for a kitchen that will still make an impression in 30 years' time? We have designed it for you. Undoubtedly, this ensemble combines sophisticated design and high-quality material to create a work that is above any fleeting trend. In other words, this variant of the systemat kitchen line, consisting of AV 6000-GL Eucalyptus with AV 6000-GL Black, is an outstanding example of a sophisticated interplay of quality, functionality and timeless design. Wall units and kitchen islands present themselves as soloists that are visually the centre of attention and at the same time have a restrained effect. This is made possible by clearly structured shapes and a soft colour scheme. The continuation of this refined design can be found in the adjoining utility room. 

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Hint of the extraordinary

With this colour combination, the stylish will hit the bull's eye. The popular colour black is cleverly combined in this systemat composition with the more unusual shade of eucalyptus, which is both homely and invigorating. The bluish green with its silvery nuances is a refreshing yet tranquil shade that inevitably recalls the leafy and pleasantly fragrant branches of its namesake. Eucalyptus fascinates with its light and delicate radiance, which makes the surrounding black glow. The result is a seductive combination of elegance and naturalness, of urban chic and airy freshness that lets you breathe a sigh of relief. 

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Structure + style – that's the goal

Morning, noon, night: at all times of the day, the kitchen is the place we go to refuel with a glass of orange juice or a small snack – or to work on the menu for the next larger invitation. We are in the kitchen more often than in hardly any other room. Therefore, special care must be taken with the kitchen to ensure that it meets your habits and individual needs. Therefore, already consider in the kitchen planning which requirements your kitchen should fulfil. Clear structures bring visual calm to any room and allow you to find your way intuitively. This is especially important when cooking is hectic. An unusual but very worthwhile idea: why not equip your kitchen with two kitchen islands instead of one! The handleless cooking islands in AV 6000-GL eucalyptus shown here are all-round talents in the truest sense of the word, because they are accessible from all sides, offer a maximum of work surface and, of course, plenty of storage space. Its black natural stone surface is not only remarkable from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of maintenance, as it is extremely scratch-resistant, durable and hygienic. This kitchen is something for the discerning.

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Exciting accents through light and form

The design of the wall to the side of the kitchen is all about homely elegance. The arrangement of shapes, colours and materials contrasts with the simple forms of the kitchen and impresses with modern accents. The LED boards are real eye-catchers and create a pleasant lighting atmosphere, especially in the evening. Decorative items or aesthetic objects of daily use are shown off to their best advantage here and create a homely atmosphere. The crystal white board underneath merges with the adjacent black cabinet to create a modern-looking wall arrangement. The glass framed doors with black tinted glass, especially in combination with the linear LED strip inside the coat rack, skilfully set the scene for selected favourite objects. The resulting contrasts of light and darkness, openness and closedness, transparency and opacity form a fascinating unity that is unparalleled. 

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Order wherever the eye looks

With its perfectly formed proportions and carefully arranged pull-outs, doors and pull-out shelves, the utility room offers maximum storage space with freedom of movement. This is the ideal place for everything that needs to remain hidden and yet be easily accessible. Clever storage solutions, such as our pull-outs with integrated recyclable material bags for storing recycled materials such as glass, PET bottles or waste paper, ensure that everything is stored safely, cleanly and clearly. Here, everything has its own fixed place, so that the household chores are easy for you. The combination of black and eucalyptus-coloured fronts continues the kitchen design to create maximum stylistic uniformity when planning the kitchen and designing the surroundings. The result: an extremely aesthetic overall composition that impresses with intelligent storage space solutions, plenty of freedom of movement, a structured look and an atmospheric colour composition.

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Image of the systemat AV 5045 greige AV 8000-GL calacatta with cooking island