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Make a confident design statement with colourful shades. Our systemat kitchen line offers 1,950 NCS colours and 190 RAL colour shades to customise your kitchen.
The natural shades of the NCS colour space unfold their full radiance on our AV 6000 surfaces – here in intense olive green. Combined with storage systems and living elements in muted RAL shades such as silk grey, they set a colourful scene for your life’s centre and highlight architectural features of the kitchen design. 

Storage space with a touch of class

A confident kitchen unit in olive green makes this freestanding kitchen island the inviting centrepiece of any home. The tall cabinet unit with built-in appliances and the wall-hung tall cabinets in the elegant RAL colour silk grey are unobtrusive and functional. Handleless cabinets and pull-outs create visual calm and clarity with their flat design. They open with a slight finger touch thanks to smart push-to-open technology.

Besides its wide range of colours, the systemat line mainly characterises by its diverse, customisable furnishing variants.Thanks to floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets, everything important is within reach. Our tandem tall cabinets favour particularly neat storage because shelving elements are both available in the cabinet itself and on its door, offering an outstanding view and use of the overall storage space.  The perfect solution for all those who no longer want to rummage in the back of the cabinet for hidden supplies, but like to keep everything in sight.

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Green powerhouse

This kitchen’s centrepiece is the freestanding kitchen unit in warm olive green. The cooking island features a black worktop in natural Silk Negro colour, which offers a particularly pleasant feel. A flush-mounted BLAUPUNKT hob with integrated extractor fan blends discreetly into the dark surface. 

A striking feature of this kitchen is its slightly offset base units, which are docked at the kitchen unit’s corner. The difference in height and the subtle nuances in colour between the two olive green shades create a refined staircase look towards the worktop. In the overall effect, this architectural trick lends the kitchen dynamism while the large kitchen island offers a particularly large storage space.  The centre island gradation turns the lower base unit line into a sideboard, uniquely connecting this systemat kitchen to the adjoining living area. 

Variety of height dimensions

Come as you are – welcome individuality

The high yellow content makes the NCS olive green shade sunny and inviting. This kitchen thus breathes a little of the retro charm of the 70s, skilfully balanced by cool grey components. To achieve a smooth look, all surfaces have been treated with matte lacquer and are slightly rounded at the corners. It’s worth noting that we only use water-based lacquers – which produce fewer solvents – to manufacture our surfaces. Because your health and our environment are close to our hearts. Its green colour hues make this modern kitchen an inspiring, lively place, whether for recharging your batteries in the morning or for stimulating cooking evenings with friends.  

Sustainability at Häcker

Practical sidekicks: living room furniture in ral colours

Colour symbiosis: a minimalist sideboard in grey-olive marks the transition to the living area. Silk grey and olive green flow together here in the darker RAL colour shade grey olive. The discreetly asymmetrical design of the sideboard refers to the kitchen unit’s design language. Slim metal feet and an open shelf element with black metal framing lend this simple, modern sideboard that certain something. A minimalist table with angular metal skids and a tabletop in natural Silk Negro, which skilfully continues the kitchen’s subdued design language, presents itself as a restrained companion.

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Kitchen block in aubergine, caramel, magenta
Kitchen block in aubergine, caramel, magenta

Naturally adaptable – NCS colour variants

In addition to 190 RAL colour shades, systemat also offers a free choice of over 1,900 NCS colours, guaranteeing individual colour combinations to make the kitchen your own. Whatever character you’d like your kitchen to have, the NCS palette will help you create your desired kitchen ambience through the colour scheme.  Rich colour accents in aubergine appear elegant, nearly aristocratic. Magenta is anything but restrained and its colour intensity stages a self-confident sensuality. Colour accents in caramel create warmth and an inviting atmosphere, while shades of green are refreshing – they are the natural palette elements. 

The interplay of pure NCS shades and RAL colours in related but tinted colour values produces subtle lighting effects that create a perfect kitchen setting. And the most amazing thing about it: you can unleash your creativity!

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