AV 6023-GL Elegant Walnut

With its dark wood decor and restrained geometry, this AV 6023-GL Elegant Walnut kitchen exudes a purist retro flair. Ceiling-high storage cabinets combine aesthetic wall design with maximum interior functionality. A kitchen island, enriched with many useful extras, brings everyone together when cooking. In the elegant walnut version, this Häcker systemat kitchen with its characteristic grooved fronts feels just at home between records and lounge chairs as it does in the midst of minimalist living ensembles. 

Elegant walnut – modern homage to traditional walnut furniture

As a modern, dark wood variant, the surface of the AV 6023 Elegant Walnut appears earthy without being cumbersome.  The grooved surface brings to the fore the premium, real wood veneer in lavish detail, while the slightly rounded edges and smooth veneered surround lend the kitchen a soft touch. Matte black and titanium create neat colour effects. Black mouldings set the kitchen unit and the black PerfectSense® worktop apart. This systemat kitchen is only available without handles, because the AV 6023 Elegant Walnut can only unfold its full potential in the wide-area look. For those who prefer light or very dark oak, the AV 6023 is also available in elegant oak and black oak colours.

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Cubist composition – balance between wall unit and kitchen island

A special feature of the AV 6023 Elegant Walnut shown here: the cube-shaped tall cabinet element. As a stylistic echo of the kitchen unit, this tall counter creates a uniform room design that fascinates with its clear, expansive shapes. Behind the elegant walnut look, the ceiling-high built-in units contain smart storage solutions and – thanks to their enormous storage volume – make wall units superfluous in this kitchen. The grooved structure of the elegant walnut, which runs vertically over the entire height of the room, works as a homage to traditional wood panelling. Glass cabinets with linear LED interior lighting integrated into the tall unit line and the open, titanium-coloured shelf soften the cubist design and lend the overall composition additional openness and grace. Arranging the tall cabinets across corners creates a seamless transition between the cooking, living and dining areas.

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Practical at heart

The kitchen island is the central place of the AV 6023 Elegant Walnut. Whether washing vegetables under matte black fittings, chopping vegetables or preparing them on the ceramic hob, your gourmet ideas can be effortlessly realised. In addition, the kitchen island offers ample freedom of movement all around. Whether a cooking event with a larger group or a little dance interlude when a particularly good song comes on in the playlist: anything is possible in this open, spacious kitchen. What makes the kitchen island so attractive? Everything about it is appealing and practical at the same time: from the flush-mounted installation of the sink and hob to the velvety, easy-care worktop in PerfectSense® quality and the pull-outs. Thanks to Tipmatic Softclose, pull-outs slide into their fully open position automatically at the touch of a finger. And the extremely narrow joints between pull-outs give the kitchen block in grooved look a premium, consistent look. Thanks to individual equipment options, systemat base units offer a solution for all requirements. For example, as storage cabinets or with pull-out, individually removable waste bins directly below the worktop. 

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BLAUPUNKT: the sound of your dream kitchen

The refined elegant walnut finish of this kitchen, from its real wood groove structure to its soft edges, makes it the ideal companion for vintage furniture and accessories. Glass doors, linear interior lighting and high-quality smart technology give it a modern touch. 
BLAUPUNKT sound systems complete your kitchen so that you can enjoy the best music during evening cooking sessions. Another technical highlight: the integrated smartphone charging surface in the worktop. 


Sideboard in elegant walnut finish

In the living area, sideboards pick up and continue the elegant walnut finish. Design pieces and favourite accessories find a worthy place here. The combination of earthy walnut decor in a grooved look and floating attachment creates a delightful contrast. The glass shelf with integrated LED lighting sets a modern accent and creates a pleasant and homely atmosphere. The smart home-compatible LEDs feature colour temperature control to instantly set the perfect lighting mood with this stylish light board.  

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