systemat AV 6055-GL Olive Green and AV 6055 Pearl White – aesthetics and functionality in perfect tandem

Kitchens are much more than just a place to prepare meals – they are your home’s beating heart. A place of creativity, conviviality and personal expression. Modern country-style kitchens like our AV 6055 strike the perfect balance between homeliness and modern aesthetics – while still offering optimal functionality.
Our systemat AV 6055 in pearl white and olive green RAL colours look homely, close to nature and dazzle with a smart, contemporary design. Those who prefer a different colour scheme can also have their AV 6055 painted in any other RAL colour. The result? A high-quality, country-style kitchen tailored to your taste with all the benefits of the latest kitchen technology. 

Coherent country-style ensemble in lacquered ash

The systemat AV 6055 is a classic country-style kitchen whose premium, real wood surfaces are made of lacquered ash. In the subtle coffered look, solid wood frames and veneered fillings combine to create a harmonious, aesthetically sophisticated overall picture. 
The backs painted in the same colour and the slightly rounded edges lend the kitchen balance and refinement.
While the uniform coffered look gives this kitchen its classic country-style charm, the contrast between the wide, handleless pull-outs of the AV 6055-GL centre island and the elements of the pearl white kitchen unit with handles makes for a varied design –  with just the right dash of modernity. 

Harmonious and serene design

The systemat AV 6055-GL kitchen island forms the central element of this ensemble. It is presented in the exclusive RAL olive green colour, a muted yet lively natural shade which also dresses the tall cabinets. The pearl white of opposite tall cabinets and the base and wall cabinets of the kitchen unit serve as a bright and warm contrasting colour. In fact, this colour contrast underpins the overall kitchen composition –  a precise balance of uniform country style and lively variations in the details. The black worktop and the dark kitchen splashback add a refined touch. Stainless steel-coloured details give the kitchen an urban touch and complete the modern overall look of the AV 6055. The interplay of colours and materials creates a spacious, bright and lively kitchen where you will quickly feel at home.

OneLine design – pure and minimalist

The kitchen island of this systemat kitchen dazzles with its OneLine design: clear, linear and aesthetically unpretentious. The handleless design underlines the precision and minimalist reduction to the essentials. 
A special feature of the kitchen is the delicate joint pattern: only 4-mm fine gaps separate the lower drawers and pull-outs from each other. Thanks to the recessed skirting board and the seating area at the side, the island – despite its large storage volume – does not appear massive but inviting and imposing.
Further to uniform lines and subdued aesthetics, the kitchen island also delivers maximum convenience. Because while the upper pull-outs can be conveniently pushed open via the moulding, the lower pull-outs open almost all by themselves thanks to Tipmatic Softclose – a slight touch is all it takes. 

Furnishings – modern living design and high-quality technology

The systemat AV 6055 captivates with thoughtful details that enrich the room both visually and functionally. The pocket doors, which are fully retractable on both sides, allow the fridge-freezer to disappear elegantly, creating a seamless and uncluttered look. 
Wall units with glass doors and interior lighting draw the eye to decorative elements and lend lightness to the kitchen. 
Our Linero MosaiQ railing along the splashback of the kitchen with hooks and universal shelf provides a neat spot for frequently used kitchen utensils and creates a subtle effect thanks to its integrated LED lighting. The slightly overhanging worktop of the kitchen island creates a seating area – a nice place for guests to chat with while you cook, or for a relaxing coffee on a rainy Saturday.
This systemat country-style kitchen combines sophisticated aesthetics with first-class functionality. Like all Häcker kitchens, it offers an exclusive kitchen experience that will make your life easier and create a space where you feel at home. 

Cosy kitchen with ample space for inspiration

All in all, the systemat AV 6055 presents itself as a spacious and homely, country-style kitchen that captivates with its special colours. 
With the  Häcker kitchen planner, you can now individually design your kitchen dream.
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