Häcker systemat AV 7030-GL black star AV 2041 dark walnut: Functionality meets elegance

The designation AV 7030-GL black star AV 2041 dark walnut stands for a high-quality kitchen composition from our systemat range, whose design and functionality set high standards. The systemat AV 7030-GL black star, for example, features premium stone veneer surfaces of puristic beauty. The diagonal relief structure of the stone radiates both natural elegance and subtle rusticity, exuding a particularly alluring feel to create a safe and relaxing space. The black matte lacquered backs and surrounding edges strike a captivating contrast to the dark stone surfaces and harmoniously round off the picture. Black built-in appliances are ideal to stress this kitchen’s modern refinement. They almost merge with the kitchen furniture, creating a harmoniously composed kitchen landscape.

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Handleless kitchen

The absence of handles lends the kitchen an elegant and minimalist appearance. This smooth, seamless look of the AV 7030-GL black star makes the room look modern and uncluttered, creating a contemporary and purist kitchen design. With the Tipmatic soft-close mechanism, drawers and pull-outs glide gently and almost silently into their fully open position. It’s often the small details that make everyday life more comfortable.

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Refinement and elegance even beneath the surface

The SlimLine Drawer with glass pull-out gives your base cabinet storage a stylish and practical upgrade. The glass side windows below the sturdy metal railing allow a clear view of items inside. Worthy of mention is the steel frame: as thin as a pencil – only 8 mm thick – yet enormously solid and sturdy. Its narrow sides allow for optimal use of the pull-out storage space. High-quality workmanship guarantees fascinatingly easy and effortless opening and closing of the drawer. A striking detail: the drawer’s interior in elegant titanium colour to underline the sophistication of the elegant glass drawer. The SlimLine Drawer is perfected by the MOVE interior organiser. Practical inserts are not only very easy to adapt and rearrange to your needs, but as solid wood elements – here in light oak – constitute a premium and attractive addition to the SlimLine Drawer.

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Tandem dream

The larder unit features a tandem swivel pull-out. This means that the rear cabinet shelf slides towards you when opening the cabinet door. Since the door also features a shelf, you’ll have all utensils immediately at hand with this smart cabinet solution. And the storage volume is perfectly utilised. Frantically rummaging for items in the back of the cabinet? That’s over for good with the tandem swivel pull-out. And the icing on the cake? Suspension units that can be individually adjusted and perfectly adapted to your storage needs. Thanks to the matching cabinet interior in titanium colour, the storage cabinet also looks as if it has been cast from a single mould.

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Handleless puristic sideboard

The AV 2041 sideboard in dark walnut decor is an elegant design element for the living room next to the kitchen. The greyish shades of the dark walnut decor pick up the colour theme of the kitchen and blend it into the refined living environment. The sideboard,  whose doors open at the touch of a finger thanks to push-to-open technology, provides ample storage space. The dining table with its walnut-coloured tabletop matches perfectly. The ensemble offers refined elegance and easy maintenance. Enter, take a seat and enjoy yourself. It can be as simple as that.

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Subtle lighting provides dazzling highlights

Light is a decisive factor for every interior. The ensemble of systemat AV 7030-GL black star AV 2041 dark walnut makes no exception in this respect. The illuminated strips of the cooking island make the centre of the kitchen shine while underlining the simple, geometric design language of the ensemble. This LED design is continued on the kitchen splashback, which features two illuminated shelves. LEDs aptly set the scene for glasses, vases or plates during the day and lend this beautiful kitchen a certain flair, especially in the evening when darkness falls.

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Minimal contrast paired with maximum elegance

The tall cabinet is also a highlight in itself: black metal frame doors perfectly matching black-tinted glass doors. The elegant diamond print adds texture as a stylistic icing on the cake. The light grey colour of the cabinet interior adds a refined touch while getting rid of any gloominess in the overall design. A strikingly beautiful addition: the linear LED lighting inside the cabinet, which impressively showcases beautifully shaped glasses and valuable pieces.  If you don't want to hide your favourite crockery treasures behind heavy doors but would rather display them in a modern and transparent manner, this cabinet with glass shelves may be just the right choice for you.

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