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Watch and witness wonderful Häcker kitchen furniture in videos and brochures. Join us on an exciting journey through the many facets of a special kitchen manufacturer. 




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Impressive & varied. Discover exclusive brochures and special movies. Experience a wide variety of topics from the fascinating world of Häcker Kitchens.


Trade fairs




As a family business, our thoughts, actions and opinions are very value-oriented.  Quality, trust and reliability form the foundation of our activities.  So that you get your perfect dream kitchen. 

Exceptional sustainability documentation

See impressive sustainability projects of Häcker and their intention

Impressive factory 5 and systemat 3.0

High quality kitchens are produced in the new factory using the latest machines

Company video

Learn more, experience more, discover more about Häcker. 

Excellent test laboratory

Häcker operates its own test laboratory to monitor the high quality level. We take it very precisely

Exemplary Häcker truck driver training

To protect goods and people, Häcker regularly carries out demanding driver trainings.


Trade fairs

Alaways focused on the needs of our customers. If international parquet or own in-house exhibition. Häcker is continuously developing new trends for the kitchen industry.

2019 - all about family

A clever family - because Häcker is introducing innovations regularly. Thinking about the new work height classicMAX to oneLine with its puristic impression. At the Häcker trade fair kitchen experts profit from professional kitchen know-how.

2018 - HOME Stories

The best place is home. Häcker jumps on the trend and presents multiple HOME stories. From TinyHouse to Modern Country. Everybody can find the kitchen that matches their way of life.

2018 - EuroCucina

The exchange with international customers is very important for Häcker. It is an important request for Häcker to receive and implement needs. The special: At Häcker, international customers can find a point of contact in nine different languages.

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One of a kind kitchen furniture

Kitchens you are falling in love with. Kitchen furniture from Häcker are high quality and own an unbelivable design. Find your kitchen style: modern, urban, puristic, luxury, family, nature, country, TinyHouse,...

Paint Competence RAL


Visible side concept

SLD (Slim Line Drawer)

Design carcase

Titanium - Innovative design

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If look or function: Blaupunkt appliances are reliable, enduring and offer plenty of functions. They are connected and communicate with one another for a greater cooking experience. Built-in appliances - Quality on point.

Dark Steel

Induction devices

Downdraft fans

Cooling units

Blaupunkt Image

Blaupunkt Multicontrol

Vertical hood

Extractor hoods

Down-draft system

Compact appliances






Let us inspire you with our brochures and explore, how exceptional kitchens can be.

Fascinating kitchen brochures

Kitchen Forum

Kitchen solutions with great sensuality. We only use the best ingredients: the finest materials, innovative technology and sophisticated details. 


The kitchen is the soul of the house. Therefore, Häcker offers kitchen systems with an appealing look and top-quality workmanship. A perfect match for your life. 


Reliable and Unique concept130 is far more than an adaptable modular system or the sum of individual innovative building blocks.

Interior Brochure

All sorted. The promise on the outside is kept in the inside. A remarkable interior design. 

Spatial Miracle

Practical & beautiful. Have fun and get organised. Besides their stunning look, the excellent “Move” organisation systems also make your life easier - so versatile. 

Trade Fair Newspaper 2021

All fair highlights at a glance. Innovations & Co. on the in-house fare at a glance and ready to hand. Well-informed with Häcker’s fair newspaper. 

PerfectSense Flyer

This surface feels fantastic. Even more - it is extremely resistant and even has an antibacterial effect. Discover the perfect surface with PerfectSense now.

systemat3.0 Flyer

Plenty of space and convenient working height thanks to the carcase height of 78 cm. Comfortable working in the kitchen, also for taller people. 

Multifacetted image brochures


The start of each kitchen is a brilliant idea. There is so much to find out about Häcker Küchen. What moves us, the way we are. 

Sustainability Report

Responsible by tradition. Discover Häcker’s measures for man and nature. Honest, authentic and sustainable. 

60 seconds of sustainability

A quick glance of Häcker’s various sustainability measures. Committed to people, environment and nature. 

Imaginative product brochures

Overview systemat - fronts and handles

Discover striking kitchen fronts and extraordinary handles. Conjure up a special atmosphere in your new kitchen. 

Overview classic - Fronts and handles

So versatile and sensational. The kitchen fronts and handles of the classic range inspire with their variety and harmony.

Care & Operating instructions

In this brochure you will learn how to care for kitchen fronts or adjust drawers. To keep your kitchen as beautiful as it was on the first day.

Tee kitchens & living areas brochure

More than just a kitchen. Feel-good and work spaces. With Häcker products you can also create great offices and living spaces. 

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Download extraordinary kitchen brochures quickly and easily as PDF - because aticipation is the best joy.