View of the kitchen in GRANADA White with high-gloss framed fronts, a walnut-look rear wall with black shelving elements and a ceiling-high high wall.


Elegant walnut décor sets the stage for a purist composition of white high-gloss lacquer: GRANADA White dazzles with its subdued coffered look and high-gloss fronts. It is a fascinating classic composition featuring a tall cabinet and L-shaped kitchen unit with clear lines and elegant design. As the consistent tone for fronts and worktop, white unfolds its full radiance in striking contrast with deep black tones. Tinted glass, black metal one-shelves and the dark grain of the walnut decor on the splashback boost GRANADA White’s imposing presence. In short: a concept130 kitchen composition that loves to steal the show. 

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White nights in GRANADA

Clearly arranged and refined, GRANADA White kitchen design captivates everyone with its radiant freshness and elegant effects. The kitchen uses high-gloss white for doors, pull-outs and visible sides, decoratively contrasted by black shelving elements and a warm, wood decor splashback. The neat, pure white look of the kitchen cabinets is visually offset by the dark walnut décor, which produces a cosy and inviting ambience. The monochrome colour scheme of the kitchen unit and tall cabinet is also livened up by its restrained coffered look. During the day, the high-gloss lacquer offers a charming interplay of light and mirror effects – a feast for the eyes for those who like it shiny and bright.

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Planned at an angle, stringently thought-out

GRANADA White’s kitchen design conveys the joy of unusual combinations and a stringently thought-out concept. The L-shaped carcase of the kitchen unit in GRANADA White ensures optimum space utilisation. Cabinets and pull-outs lie within easy reach from the hob and the cooker . Inside, the Metro Box drawer system provides excellent access to everything you need for cooking and setting the table. The glossy ceramic worktop rounds off the clean design of the kitchen unit. Moreover, the kitchen unit with its L-shaped layout is the perfect setting for a small coffee break or a quick breakfast: just sit on a stool and relax. Because we place just as much emphasis on kitchen functionality as we do on design, we fit your kitchen with BLAUPUNKT appliances. In this design, the black glass hob with integrated hob extractor proves a perfect match for the black glass wall unit. It is also a great solution for discerning kitchen owners seeking to minimise steam and odour generation. And all of this, without the hassle of a large-format, extractor bonnet. 

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Classy host

The unique combination of simple, plain-coloured kitchen furniture with a lively splashback look lends this concept130 design an unusual quality. GRANADA White cabinets truly stand out against the ensemble of black shelves, dark-glass wall units and varied grained walnut decor. The warm niche cladding in a lively walnut look is brightened up by an enhancing frame of glossy, white side-panels that open up towards the kitchen. Slim metal shelves with matching walnut base radiate airiness with their free-floating assembly and open, filigree design. Also elegantly designed in a black metallic look, wall units offer space for glasses and crockery on glass shelves. Your items, clearly arranged and well sorted, will shimmer through dark-tinted glass panes. 

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Elegant storage solution

This kitchen’s highlight is the GRANADA White tall cabinet with a refined coffered look.  Besides the integrated BLAUPUNKT oven, the room-high tall cabinet unit offers generous space to fit the fridge-freezer combination – unobtrusively and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Whether supplies, decorative items or bulky kitchen appliances, tidiness comes naturally with a tall cabinet of this size. Thanks to the push-to-open mechanism, even upper cabinet doors can be opened with ease. The unobtrusive, stainless steel-coloured handles echo the metallic look of the splashback without stealing the show from coffered doors. 
Particularly neat detail: the coffered side-panels at the ends of the tall unit and kitchen unit, which extend GRANADA White design right down to the last corner, creating a fascinating visual effect.

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This concept13 ensemble shows the radiance unleashed by a white kitchen range when combined with contrasting colours. Trust our experts when planning your Häcker dream kitchen.

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