Maritime Feeling: HAMPTON-GL Ocean | PORTO Crema Magnolia

Quiet elegance: A graceful kitchen composition in HAMPTON-GL Ocean and PORTO Crema Magnolia combines American country-style with a clear and expressive design language. This concept130 kitchen thrives on the symmetry of its arrangement. The kitchen unit in the elegant trend colour Ocean with a worktop in wood look serves as an eye-catcher and calm basis of the room. The kitchen unit is framed by built-in tall cabinets in crema magnolia, which blend discreetly into the room’s background space. 

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Nuanced country-style touches with full functionality

The beating heart of this concept130 design is the blue kitchen unit with HAMPTON framed doors and a worktop finished with Alpine oak decor. Colour-coordinated mouldings in an Ocean shade further enhance the balanced appearance of HAMPTON-GL Ocean. Starting from the doors and pull-outs in traditional country-style pattern, the eye is drawn upwards, wanders along warmly lit back walls in Alpine oak, glides over tall cabinets with frosted glass windows in crema magnolia and returns to the centre. Here, a ceramic surface in the Calacatta colour scheme provides a visual respite. Tall units and wall units largely do without handles, creating a smooth-surfaced look that is the hallmark of the modern kitchen and bring the country-style unit to the fore.

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Inviting relaxation source

As the central element of the kitchen splashback, the ceramic panel in the Calacatta colour is a marvellous eye-catcher. The flanking HAMPTON wall units with frosted glass windows and matching interior lighting are designed without handles and discreetly finished in crema magnolia. They provide the necessary storage space above the worktop and also work as indirect light sources. Warm spots continue the lateral light tones and reinforce the inviting character of the Alpine oak decor. This not only highlights the wooden decor of the splashback and worktop but also harmoniously balances the cooler note of the Calacatta ceramic. 

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Selection shade Ocean

The frame design and ash structure of the HAMPTON-GL fronts emphasise the country-style character of this kitchen ensemble. Highlighted by lacquer in the rich and trendy Ocean colour, the natural grain of the real ash-wood front is specially attractive. As one of six selected Selection colours, Ocean embodies the deep calm of the high seas. Our entire Selection colour palette is matched to the interplay with natural materials such as wood and natural stone. Light colours such as crema-magnolia, white and black are also dazzling companions for all Selection shades. When planning your Häcker kitchen in the Selection colour range, you can therefore look forward to harmonious combinations. 

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Restrained helpers: Porto tall cabinets

Tall cabinets frame the kitchen unit on both sides and offer space for the oven and the fridge-freezer combination at a comfortable height. Smooth, cream-white fronts without a handle on one side of the room and with stylish bar handles on the opposite side, create an effortless transition to the modern design kitchen. The tall units and the wall units form a crema-magnolia colour unit and, together, draw attention inwards to the main protagonist of the composition: the uniform, Ocean-coloured kitchen unit. 

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Maritime living

Ocean and light colours such as white and crema magnolia go well with rustic details such as wooden floorboards and maritime decorative elements. Natural materials such as wickerwork and textiles made of cotton or linen are also suitable companions for kitchen concepts in Selection colours. Dining room furniture with a black skid base and alpine oak surfaces reflect modern moments and country-style kitchen touches in equal measure. And once again, the bench of the ensemble proves its welcoming nature and suitability as  a gathering place. 

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