Clarity and strength: concept130 METEOR Brushed Steel

METEOR brushed steel and black take a stance on the industrial look. Clear metal edges, steel-grey brushed doors and pull-outs and dark PerfectSense® surfaces resolutely set the tone in this concept130 design. Dark shades convey an intensifying effect and, starting with the kitchen elements, continue into the wall design. The black splashback gracefully sets the scene for the METEOR Brushed Steel and perfectly matches the black metal shelves. The wooden décor in grey oak end grain on the table and accent wall creates a strong contrast. 

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Refined industrial look: METEOR Brushed Steel

The concept130 in METEOR Brushed Steel owes its bold charisma to its uncompromising use of the metallic look. Monochrome gradations of metal as a stylistic element, material or colour can be found in all areas of the room. The brushed-steel colour is prominently represented in the METEOR: the metal motif is found in the matte-black handle system on the kitchen unit and cooking island, in the hook railing, in the open metal shelving system and in the shelf supports above the coffee bar. The anthracite grey of the cooker hood matches the steel colour scheme of the fronts. On the kitchen island, chrome and bright stainless steel master the tones: the tap and sink harmonise with the espresso pot and the fully automatic coffee machine. METEOR Brushed Steel’s focus is always on the kitchen unit. With its well thought-out colour concept, this kitchen does not shy away from making a clear industrial statement. 

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Elegance at its best

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. A working environment in matte black PerfectSense® décor is not only a visually pleasing option but also a pragmatic one. Because thanks to their anti-fingerprint properties, PerfectSense® surfaces of the worktop and splashback behind the induction hob can be effortlessly cleaned. Thanks to the integrated LED strip, the Linero MosaiQ rail illuminates all work steps and keeps accessories at hand on practical hooks. METEOR Brushed Steel’s cabinets and pull-outs offer ample storage space for utensils and food. Half-height tall cabinets additionally emphasise the impressive ceiling height and underline the loft character of this beautiful industrial-style kitchen. BLAUPUNKT microwave and oven in modern Dark Steel design are made for the industrial black and metal duo.

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Barista workshop for your home

A kitchen island with practicality in mind. Whether stainless steel sink or easy-care PerfectSense® surface in black matt lacquer, the high-quality kitchen equipment makes every cooking and barista session a major event. If the kitchen island lacks enough space, the height-adjusted table can be used as an additional work surface. The table element in grey oak end grain, with matching support beam, offers a beautiful, height-adjusted extension to the cooking island. Up to three people can comfortably enjoy their flat white or espresso here. A narrow pull-out cabinet and the shelf mounted above the island in grey oak end grain with geometric black metal angles guarantee every coffee enthusiast the necessary extra storage space for barista accessories. 

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Convenient storage for kitchen tools

The secret of a relaxed industrial style lies not only in the generous use of metal as a stylistic element but also in the open architecture. The open, black metal shelf combines both aspects with its expansive, open shelves. The minimalist bar-like look of the structure hints at industrial factory environments. While kitchens with closed cabinet elements favour a tidy look, the open design of this industrial kitchen adds to its casualness. Dark-painted walls provide visual cohesion and allow openly stored objects and metal struts to become a tidy unit. In this way, the room also retains its idiosyncratic nature. An assertive concept130 planning that knows it doesn't have to please everyone. 


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