Perfect Soft Black with kitchen block and kitchen unit in plain matt black design.

Mysterious and elegant: concept130 PERFECT SOFT Black

Like a smooth monolith: This concept130 planning in PERFECT SOFT Black is the right kitchen for avowed lovers of the black colour and friends of uncompromising solutions. The compact, plain design is particularly suitable for open-plan living concepts and makes efficient use of the available space without stealing the living area’s thunder. Matte black finishes throughout with matching accessories provide visual calm. In this context, the PERFECT SOFT Black design is as self-confident as it is personal. This kitchen ensemble looks also impressive inside the pull-outs and cabinets with state-of-the-art technology and practical interior fittings. An unparalleled performance.

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Showtime for black

This premium and elegant kitchen comes in a consistent shade of black. In the half-height kitchen unit and the adjacent cooking and sink area, functional storage space and premium built-in appliances are arranged tone-in-tone. The ensemble is held together by the matte black splashback. Viewed from the living room, the kitchen furniture thus merges into one large, calm form. On closer inspection, open shelves and railings finished in black metal emphasise the kitchen's linear design. Black handles as well as different materials (from the dark glass of the built-in appliances to the black metal frames of the shelves) truly stand out in this combination. In combination with light wood elements such as parquet flooring or our oak MOVE boxes, the PERFECT SOFT Black shines to a great effect. 

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Easy care and black are not opposites

The matte black surfaces of this kitchen are as velvety as they look. In addition, they are very resistant thanks to their PerfectSense® coating with UV matte varnish. Thanks to the micro-surface structure of the lacquer layer, fingerprints and dirt are hard to find on any of the kitchen’s surfaces. While their anti-fingerprint properties keep handleless cabinets clean and make marks disappear in an instant, the hygienic nature of PerfectSense® is also ideally suited to colour-matched worktops. The velvety soft surface makes using this concept130 kitchen in PERFECT SOFT Black a sensual experience every time you touch it. 

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Kitchen unit as if cast from a single mould

Not a kitchen for long walks: This design in PERFECT SOFT Black brings together all the crucial kitchen functions in a condensed form without appearing cramped. Black PERFECT SOFT surfaces are consistently used as the main design element. Under the PerfectSense® worktop, black handles provide access to cabinets and pull-outs – the place for flexible storage solutions designed to meet your needs. Fitted with the Metro Box drawer system in platinum finish, pull-outs pick up stylistically on the metallic look from the kitchen design – bright and uncluttered. The built-in BLAUPUNKT oven in elegant dark steel design is not only visually stunning but also functional with intuitive, convenient operation. Thanks to integrated ventilation, the built-in refrigerator can also be accommodated behind the elegant doors of the kitchen unit. For a sophisticated design as if from a single mould. 

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The kitchen block as a control centre

Made for teamwork: the hob and sink are offset opposite each other on the docked kitchen unit. An extra-deep PerfectSense® worktop in matte black creates ample working space all around, making the kitchen unit accessible from three sides. The modern BLAUPUNKT glass hob, finished in black and flush with the surface, seamlessly fits into the minimalist overall concept. Using touch control, the self-sufficient combi-induction can meet any requirement from sautéing to cooking in ten power levels. It also supports smooth cooker processes with practical additional functions such as overflow detection. The graphite-coloured sink also blends unobtrusively into the kitchen's elegant appearance. A useful functional railing at the front of the block offers space for tea towels and cooking utensils. Also discreet: the BLAUPUNKT ceiling fan made of stainless steel that can be controlled via MultiControl.

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Nothing to hide: stylish storage with MOVE and One

The minimalist Linero MosaiQ railing on the kitchen splashback is hardly recognised as a lighting element. In the evening, neutral white LEDs create a linear light effect above the worktop; during the day, the black railing blends in with the matte black splashback. The contrast with the black surroundings makes the light-oak MOVE boxes stand out particularly well. MOVE facilitates the storage of spices and kitchen accessories and proves a flexible organisational element in the cabinet. The open storage space is completed by a black One shelf in which preserving jars, crockery and decorative objects show their true nature.

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