concept130 in PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin and PERFECT SOFT Graphite, minimalist kitchen unit in Satin with open shelving elements, kitchen unit in Graphite on the right with integrated home office area


Exceptional balance: PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin and PERFECT SOFT Graphite mesmerise with their monochromatic minimalism. Satin-coloured surfaces are the perfect complement to the dark graphite shade and show how clear boundaries create striking contrasts. This concept130 ensemble in handleless, cubist design excels with its imaginative functional versatility. The integrated mini-office on the front of the right kitchen unit, for example, is ideal for small office work. Designed for practical use, the kitchen design offers plenty of space and blends easily into different living styles. 

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All-round easy care with PerfectSense®

Matte, soft surfaces lend this ensemble a warm atmosphere while keeping fingerprints away. This is accomplished through the special properties of our PerfectSense® UV matte lacquer. In turn, this favours the long service life of highly stressed surfaces and ensures that your handleless kitchen will always look good. Mouldings in matching colours give PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin a uniform look. The PERFECT SOFT Graphite also dazzles with its large-surface look that stands in thrilling contrast with the light, satin-coloured kitchen unit. Recommended: accessories or furniture in intensely bright colours, e.g., the yellow chairs shown here, which add liveliness and freshness to the kitchen.

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Modern functionality included

In this combination of PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin and PERFECT SOFT Graphite, modern opening mechanisms ensure that doors and pull-outs can be easily and conveniently opened and closed at any time. The pull-outs in PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin feature – further to the moulding – a Tipmatic Softclose mechanism: when pressed, the pull-outs gently glide to their full opening position, revealing the practical Metro Box interior. 

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Simple but never ordinary: Kitchen unit in PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin

The subdued kitchen unit in PERFECT SOFT Satin conveys impressive functionality in a timeless design. Simple PerfectSense® fronts in satin finish and a colour-matched worktop create a bright and inviting atmosphere. With its strict geometric layout, the kitchen remains straightforward and modern. Smart detail: two open shelves have been integrated into the base units, which form a counterpoint to the flat design of the kitchen unit. Accessories displayed in it lend the kitchen a casual, relaxed feel. The perfect complement: the linear LED lighting integrated into the wall units is an extremely practical feature with a great visual appeal.

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Distribution excellence

PERFECT SOFT Graphite shows the way: the flexible functionality of Häcker kitchens extends to all living areas. So, the dark tall cabinet element was also planned as a room divider hence takes on a spatial-architectural function. This floor-to-ceiling unit in PERFECT SOFT Graphite not only visually separates the kitchen area from the entrance but also offers storage space that can be flexibly arranged. It is the perfect place for the built-in oven at viewing height and the fridge-freezer combination, which also find their place here, as well as storage cabinets with a practical swivel system and integrated door shelves. 

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Done in a breeze: integrated home office area

The front section of the free-standing tall unit in PERFECT SOFT Graphite holds a practical home office space. In all-round graphite, the workstation blends in with the tall cabinet design and thus remains discreetly in the background. The minimalist features of the niche include an integrated LED lamp to illuminate your work and elegantly display all your treasures. Work comfortably on your laptop or go through your documents here. Wall units integrated into the home office provide space for books, documents and other work utensils. This way, your papers can be immediately put away.

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Minimalist modification: graphite and satin colour variant

No matter how you look at it: when it comes to colour, PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin and PERFECT SOFT Graphite are the perfect match. Graphite, as a particularly dark shade of grey, and satin as a warmer white with a subliminal grey tinge come from the same colour palette and deliver an specially harmonious effect together. In the restrained juxtaposition of this concept130 design, they offer a lively contrast without making too harsh an impression. Advantageous design: The entrance area in PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin looks particularly bright and open, while the kitchen unit in PERFECT SOFT Graphite adds a serious touch to kitchen design. It’s your call: its entirely your choice when planning your kitchen with the multifunctional concept130 grid system. Because the colour combination of PERFECT SOFT-GL Satin and PERFECT SOFT Graphite is equally impressive when mirrored.

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Forget monochromatic contrasts: why not a plain kitchen in PERFECT SOFT Satin or PERFECT SOFT Graphite?
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