PORTO-GL Selection Burgundy and PORTO-GL Umbra-nature, general view of the kitchen

PORTO-GL Selection Colours

Modern kitchen design with concept130 using the six expressive colours of our Selection palette: cool Azur and subdued Eucalyptus, warming Burgundy, lively Blackberry and colourful Ocean as well as earthy Natural Umber. Whatever mood you want your Häcker kitchen to convey, our unique Selection colours leave nothing to be desired and offer exciting combinations – especially among each other. Individually plannable concept130 ensembles and handleless PORTO surfaces form the canvas where these powerful colour characters are staged. 

Modern diversity: PORTO-GL Selection

Our PORTO-GL in Selection colours creates a modern design kitchen that will delight you with its exclusive colour scheme. The Selection colour variants, when combined with natural materials and black tones, create spaces that invite you to linger.  The floating kitchen unit, open shelving elements and an ingeniously integrated table at the centre island provide additional areas that subtly but firmly stress PORTO-GL’s character. Handleless fronts and pull-outs reinforce the straightforward, purist look of the kitchen. Which mood are you after? From the comforting heaviness of a full-bodied red wine to the freshness of oceanic blue: you have a broad range to choose from when designing your kitchen interior, because our Selection colours produce individual kitchens with a homey feel.

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PORTO-GL Selection Burgundy | PORTO-GL Selection Natural Umber

Rich burgundy meets black and umber. This harmonious triad of the Häcker colour world celebrates cosy moments of pleasure. Balanced against the calming Selection umber, dark burgundy embodies sensuality and joie de vivre. PORTO-GL Natural Umber lends this kitchen its very own radiance as a contrasting colour to the matte black of the worktop and metal shelf. PORTO-GL kitchen cabinets in the lively Selection burgundy colour round off the design and create a colour triad that gracefully combines subtle tones with sensual colour intensity.

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Flexible to use: Kitchen island with seating area

The intelligently designed cooking island is the beating heart of this gorgeous kitchen. This already starts with the material selection: with a thickness of only 2.5 cm, the black PerfectSense® worktop has a pleasantly delicate look. But don’t be misled by its velvety soft feel: it is hard-wearing and easy to care for. This has to do with the micro-surface structure of its lacquer layer with anti-fingerprint properties, which make it hard-wearing and resistant. Perfect for a kitchen where people chop, work and live. The combination of overhanging worktop and sloping skid frame not only gives the kitchen island its light and airy design, but also a small seating area that is perfect for small meals or a coffee in between. And the flexible grid system of the concept130 line allows the planning of storage space solutions to meet all your wishes and requirements.

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Dynamic splashback

This PORTO stands out through the lively interplay of floating and standing elements, of which the kitchen unit is a great case in point. In front of the black splashback, the floating, handleless base units look pleasantly weightless and resemble a sideboard. This boosts the relaxed, homely undertone of this modern kitchen design. Thanks to plug-in modules, the Linero MosaiQ railing provides flexible solutions for a wide range of requirements: from the universal shelf to a knife holder to a special shelf for the kitchen roll. With it, creating a workspace to meet your wishes and ideas becomes a very simple exercise. Especially practical feature: the integrated LED light strip illuminates the work area and sets a beautiful mood on the kitchen back wall as an indirect light source.

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PORTO-GL Selection Ocean | PORTO-GL Selection Natural Umber

Sea and sand for your home: PORTO-GL in Ocean and Natural Umber give life to a unique coastal ambience. The intense Ocean blue tone finds its counterpoint in the timeless Natural Umber. Accentuated by neutral black on the worktops, metal shelf and kitchen splashback, both Selection colours bring an invigorating breeze into your home. With or without maritime decoration, this kitchen conjures up the thought of a summer's day by the sea. 

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Smartly integrated: Window sill

The sideboard, a neat solution for small corners, has been integrated into the window niche. Mementos and decorative objects can be perfectly showcased, while the doors conceal an astonishing volume of storage space. As with the kitchen island and splashback, the  mouldings and plinth of this two-door sideboard have been matched to the respective Selection colour. In this way, this piece of furniture provides visual balance in the room. Especially in large kitchens, colourful references between kitchen elements create cosiness.

PORTO-GL Selection Natural Umber | PORTO-GL Black

The perfect companions for a minimalist interior style in muted colours are PORTO-GL Selection Natural Umber and PORTO-GL Black. Like all six Selection colours, natural umber is the perfect match for natural tones and refined black. At the same time, natural umber as a warm beige-grey evokes associations of sand and is thus itself a particularly natural shade. Together, natural umber and black are the most restrained combination in the Selection range and yet never boring. The smooth surfaces of PORTO-GL Selection Natural Umber and PORTO-GL Black like to form the modest counterpart to bold works of art or dynamic patterns. Natural umber transforms minimalist living concepts into true feel-good spots that convey a sense of security despite wide surfaces and a reduced formal language. 

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Matte fronts, glossy technology

If our PORTO has one notable feature, is its ability to bring things together: cook and guests, strong design and functional equipment, Häcker furniture and BLAUPUNKT technology. Because all Häcker kitchens can be equipped with premium BLAUPUNKT built-in kitchen appliances. Large kitchen appliances such as the fridge and freezer are discreetly housed behind the matte fronts of tall units, which can be easily opened with vertical handles. The built-in oven and microwave or steamer are integrated into the tall unit at an ergonomic height to favour maximum ease of use. The glass induction hob with integrated steam extractor blends flush with the matt black PerfectSense® worktop. With its easy-care anti-fingerprint coating, the hob proves perfect for extended cooking sessions, being effortlessly cleaned afterwards.

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Porto-GL Selection Eucalyptus | Porto-GL Black

Accentuated by timeless black and a dark marble-look splashback, the matt green shade of eucalyptus exudes calm and harmony. Accompanied by light-coloured kitchen furniture and wood accessories, PORTO-GL Selection Eucalyptus shows off its serene naturalness to perfection. With eucalyptus, your kitchen becomes a relaxation spot. Dark furniture, such as the PORTO-GL Black, brings out the full strength of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus fronts draw the eye to all essential highlights while black keeps a low profile. Overall, the concept130 planning thus retains a very balanced impression. 

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Love for nature: our Selection colours

Our six exclusive Selection shades excel in all combinations and prove the perfect companions for natural colours, wood tones as well as black and white. This makes planning your Häcker kitchen in appealing colour combinations a breeze. The same applies to the selection of matching decorative items: Grasses, light woods, glass or natural stone are eye-catchers that truly stand out in a kitchen in Selection colours. 

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PORTO Selection Blackberry

When it comes to colour, the PORTO Selection Blackberry shows its mysterious and elegant side. At its core, the design in the concept130 grid system remains a kitchen for the modern lifestyle, in which technology and all the essentials are housed in a small space. Ideal for the city apartment or holiday home but also suitable as a classy kitchen unit in a stylish office space. Different cabinet depths create symmetry and variety in the kitchen unit.  Framed by simple tall and wall units, base units create dynamism through their depth and give the plain-coloured kitchen unit an appealing profile. 

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PORTO: Handleless or not, it’s up to you

The effective mix of handleless cabinets and fronts with gold-coloured handles is paramount for the refined design of this colourful kitchen. Wall units and side tall units also conform a stylish frame for the base unit line because their design relies on push-to-open mechanisms instead of handles. Therefore, the main attraction is the central work area of the kitchen unit, which catches everyone's eye with its bright, marbled splashback made of fine Calacatta ceramic. The gold-coloured mixer tap and handles add shiny accents that gorgeously glitter against the velvety Blackberry Selection shade. An almost aristocratic-looking kitchen that shows that chromatic boldness pays off. 

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PORTO-GL Selection Azur | Black

Clear, reduced forms and black metal accents support the matter-of-fact simplicity of the Azur Selection colour. Colour-matched mouldings create a plain design that marvels with its clear geometry and uniform shape. Side by side with a dark BLAUPUNKT glass hob, matte black taps including sink blend seamlessly into the black PerfectSense® worktop. A striking contrast: floor and slatted wall with a wood look.  Both elements underline the warm, homely atmosphere and create a well-balanced, natural look.

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Suitably stored

This kitchen’s design, through the interplay of larder units and a floating combination of open and closed one-shelves, provides a visually appealing answer to the storage question. Here, too, wall-mounted elements create an feeling of lightness that matches Azur colour’s fresh character. The sideboard and slatted wall gently lead into the living area and showcase the highly effective combination of the Selection palette with dark and natural tones. This is how PORTO-GL Selection Azur unfolds all its energy – a strong, trend-setting colour.

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