Picture of the complete kitchen concept130 ROMA crema-magnolia with kitchen unit, dining table with chairs and work table with bench seat

Timelessly elegant design: concept130 ROMA Crema Magnolia

Welcome to the world of modern country-style and urban lifestyle. The ROMA Crema Magnolia design kitchen from Häcker masterfully pairs classic country style with urban-modern flair. The well thought-out colour palette creates a stunning symbiosis of distinct homeliness and modern clarity, where warm Crema Magnolia (a creamy white in soft shades of rosé and beige) shines alongside matte black and natural wood decor. The clever interplay of the elegant kitchen unit with its refined details, the spacious work area and the inviting seating area creates a harmonious unit that invites to linger.

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Kitchen unit in coffered design: stylish and functional

The kitchen unit of the concept130 ROMA Crema Magnolia dazzles with its well thought-out functionality. The coffered-look surfaces made of elegant, ultra-matte lacquer laminate captivate not only with high scratch resistance and impressive surface smoothness, but also with their sustainability. This is because the lacquer laminate used consists to a high percentage of recycled material. Coffered doors lend this country-style kitchena timeless elegance while offering generous storage space for every kitchen utensil. This also applies to the fridge, aptly concealed in one of the tall cabinets framing the kitchen uniton both sides. A special feature: two elegant, narrow wine racks finished in matte black by the tall cabinets, which offer enough space for many a fine drop. A matte black shelf and the black Linero MosaiQ railing visually connect both wine racks while providing space for selected accessories and decorative items. In short: the perfect setting for stylish cooking sessions.

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Sophisticated details for uncomplicated functionality

The matte black worktop of the kitchen unit presents two notable features: the premium PerfectSense® coating lends the worktop its anti-fingerprint properties and easy-to-clean nature. And the edge, finished with Alpine Oak Repro, creates a ravishing colour contrast, which is also reflected in the kitchen's work and seating areas. The kitchen unit stands out with refined details such as the centrally mounted matte-black handles or the Linero MosaiQ-Reiling with LED lighting. The setting provides ample light, a cosy atmospheric ambience and, with its six hooks, also ensures that all important cooking utensils remain within reach.  

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Exceptional seating area with added value

Worthy of mention is the seating area, designed as a spacious workspace with open shelving, bench, work surface and writable splashback. The bench in natural Alpine Oak Repro colour perfectly matches the worktop edges in the same colour, while the modern, matte black skid base of the bench makes this seating niche a real eye-catcher. Moreover, the open, matte black shelf is not only stylish but also offers enough space for books or decorative elements. Special feature: the "Memo" splashback is a writable board that offers space for shopping lists, notes or artistic creations. Whatever your fancy, it lends the kitchen a very personal touch. And it’s also practical: simply wipe it with a damp cloth and you can start writing or painting again.

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Meeting place for shared moments of pleasure

The seating and dining area of the concept130 kitchen with a ROMA Crema-magnolia finish offers plenty of space for cosy rounds and relaxed meals. The dining table top finished with Alpine Oak Repro features the same decor as the bench and worktop edges. This creates a seamless connection between kitchen unit, working and dining area. The bevelled skid base of the table is a stylistic echo of the bench and its minimalist aesthetics are simply magnificent. This distinctive seating area is the perfect place for shared moments and culinary discoveries.

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