View of VANCOUVER-GL cognac vintage oak| PERFECT SOFT-GL crema-magnolia with kitchen island with seating area and open cognac vintage oak shelf in foreground

VANCOUVER-GL Cognac Vintage Oak | PERFECT SOFT-GL Crema-magnolia

Spacious elegance: The floor-to-ceiling kitchen ensemble of VANCOUVER-GL Cognac Vintage Oak PERFECT SOFT-GL Crema Magnolia gracefully combines elegant restraint with a timeless appearance. With its impressive fronts in crema magnolia colour and the elegant grain of cognac vintage oak, the concept130 kitchen neatly brings together the natural look of wood and the subtle colour mood of flowering magnolias. Open shelving elements with interior lining in cognac vintage oak lend the kitchen a personal touch when combined with selected decorative items. 

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Classic colour scheme, modern design

Classic yet subdued: this basic mood is created by the handleless kitchen composition of VANCOUVER-GL and PERFECT SOFT-GL with its dominating cream-white tall and base units. Dark wood tones in the worktops, tall cabinets and open shelves in cognac vintage oak add an exciting touch to the whole. These powerful tones feel as natural as they are relaxing. What is more, they neatly harmonise with the warm white crema-magnolia shade. The design ingeniously plays with vertical and horizontal grain: the vertical grain of the kitchen island's open shelving elements lends the island its slender line at the front, while the tall cabinet’s horizontal grain visually balances its high-ceiling shape. The decor thus appears overly elegant because the wood grain can be neatly felt as a structure embossed into the surface. In a nutshell: wood decor at its best. 

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Calm composition, adaptable character

The kitchen unit amply demonstrates the planning possibilities offered by our concept130 product line with various cabinet depths and pull-out versions. Extra-wide pull-outs lend the kitchen unit its opulent character while offering ample storage space. The fine, geometric joint pattern in this kitchen is specially attractive, being further emphasised by the parallel lines of the worktop, stainless steel-coloured moulding and Linero MosaiQ railing. Not surprisingly,  the kitchen unit makes a clear and tidy impression throughout. The PerfectSense® surface quality of PERFECT SOFT-GL Crema Magnolia ensures that no fingerprints will ever mar the appearance of your handleless design fronts. But these kitchen’s fittings also make life easier for you in other ways, for example, with their practical push-to-open mechanism.

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Stainless steel and LEDs: practically illuminated

The concept130 kitchen offers a wide range of technical elements that can be configured to meet your requirements. Besides the neutral white lighting of the Linero MosaiQ railing, an optional moulding lighting can provide additional visual effects. Stainless-steel coloured lighting elements give the VANCOUVER-GL Cognac Vintage Oak | PERFECT SOFT-GL Crema Magnolia a modern feel, along with the likewise stainless steel-coloured mouldings, the railing and the oven. 

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Cosy island

The slender kitchen island features a modern BLAUPUNKT glass hob and offers a practical seating area. Thanks to the overhanging worktop, this seating suitable for everyday use offers sufficient legroom – and the option of enjoying a frugal breakfast directly in the kitchen. The lively wood decor grain of the worktop in cognac old oak continues with the open shelf at the front, and nicely contrasts with the body of the kitchen island in crema magnolia. Whether vases, storage containers or your pepper mill, the tiny shelf offers space for storing many a small item, lovely little things within easy reach in the kitchen. The base units offer sufficient storage space for pots and the like. 

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Connecting element

The wall-hung sideboard in crema magnolia colour creates a harmonious link between the kitchen and the adjacent living room. The handleless sideboard remains true to the kitchen design by providing both closed storage space via pull-outs in crema magnolia and an open storage area with a cognac vintage oak finish. Whether modern artpieces or antiquarian treasures, they’ll look equally impressive when exhibited here. 

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