Häcker at EuroCucina

Innovation meets design. Our vision. Our passion.

Experience Häcker at EuroCucina, the international showcase for kitchen innovation and design. EuroCucina is more than just a trade fair: it is a source of inspiration and a place where trends are born and the future of kitchen design is shaped. We will be showcasing the latest designs and techniques, offering a unique combination of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Discover selected Häcker kitchen collections at first hand, and find out how we are redefining the limits of what is possible. We look forward to welcoming you to the EuroCucina trade fair and exploring new paths in the world of kitchen design together.

16 – 21 APRIL 2024

The trade fair is open to retail customers on Saturday 20 April
and Sunday 21 April.

The kitchen is the heart of life, family, home and everyday routine

The modern kitchen has evolved into a multifunctional space that goes far beyond its traditional role. It is a meeting place for family and friends, a place for homework and creative projects, for intimate conversations and lavish celebrations. The design of the kitchen reflects the personality of its occupants and adapts to their needs. It is flexible, open and inviting, equipped with technologies that make life easier and more enriching.

In the kitchen, the day begins with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of crisp slices of toast, and sometimes doesn’t end until deep into the night when the last light is switched off.

Certified living quality and environmentally friendly design

When manufacturing our Häcker kitchens, our focus is on sustainability and healthy living. Our kitchens are made using renewable raw material wood that stems from sustainably managed forests. Be it a natural oak veneer with an elegant grooved look or lacquered ash fronts in a modern country house style: our kitchens are as close to nature as we are. At Häcker, we use an environmentally friendly water-based lacquer system that uses around 90 % less solvent. Our laminate finish convinces with a high recycled content of more than 50 %. Not only is this good for the natural environment, there are benefits for the customer too. These surfaces are hard-wearing, have a beautiful feel, and they look impeccable — the paint ensures lasting protection for the natural raw material wood.

Paint expertise for individual design freedom

By extending our specialist understanding of paint, we have been able to create almost unlimited colour variations from the NCS and RAL colour ranges. Customers now have access to an impressive palette of more than 1,950 NCS shades, supplemented by a selection of 190 classic RAL colours. Thanks to a wider range of colour options — including new shades such as olive green, greige or a warm terra-cotta shade — our customers can now add very personal design touches to their modern kitchens. The colour selection is designed to harmonise perfectly with any natural or wooden surface, as well as with white, black and graphite, thus emphasising the personal style of your own home.

AV 6000
AV 6000
AV 6000 NCS
AV 7030 Black Star | AV 6000 NCS
AV 6055 RAL

Continuously improving our environmental footprint: because we care about the natural world

Häcker is committed to the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. Throughout the company, we place a great emphasis on forward-looking operations. This ranges from the use of renewable resources and recycled materials to our commitment to environmental initiatives and the durability of our products. We actively promote climate and conservation projects, including support for international renewable energy initiatives. Häcker is continuously improving its environmental footprint and reducing pollution through various measures and strategies. This includes a focus on local raw materials, sustainable materials, rail transport and extensive digitalisation initiatives.

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Kitchens for individualists

Small but mighty: the new trend for small kitchens. At a time when living space is precious and often limited, the concept of high-quality living in a small space is gaining in importance. Small kitchens offer a unique opportunity to combine elegance, functionality and style, without having to compromise on comfort or aesthetics.

The key to this lies in careful planning and in the selection of high-quality materials. Customised solutions that are precisely tailored to the available space make it possible to get the most out of every centimetre. A minimalist design with clean lines emphasises the elegance of the room.

Blaupunkt sinks and taps

The new Blaupunkt assortment of built-in sinks and taps impresses with its variety. Each of the sinks shown here is available in several widths. For the taps, too, there is a choice in each case between a fixed spout and a pull-out spout for maximum flexibility.

  • Colour-resistant and food safe
  • Heat-proof and hygienic
  • Easy-care, scratch-resistant and durable

Self-sufficient hob, combi induction

Permanent pot detection provides the customer with maximum flexibility and freedom. The intuitive operation takes the cooking experience to a new level.

  • Flexible interconnection – 3 x combi induction
  • Fast heat thanks to double-boost function
  •  Permanent pot detection – controls are activated automatically