AV 2040-GL natural fine oak and AV 6000-GL Greige: Timeless elegance paired with modern sophistication

The combination of the natural charm of fine oak and the trendy greige colour gives this kitchen a unique and tranquil aura. The unobtrusive grain and the warm colour of the fine oak create a cosy atmosphere.  This stands in contrast with the harmonious combination of grey and beige in the trendy greige shade, which adds a touch of purist aesthetics and really brings out the natural look of the fine oak.  

The interpretation shown here as an open-plan kitchen enables a seamless transition to the living area. This creates a generous space that favours socialising in any setting. The panelling in a matching greige shade complements the overall appearance and lends the open kitchen a harmonious and rounded look. 

AV 2040-GL natural fine oak: stylish yet functional

The fine oak wood finish in a naturallook gives our systemat AV 2040-GL natural fine oak  a warm and natural character. The handleless design underlines the minimalist appearance is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Thanks to its PerfectSense®coating with UV matte varnish, our AV 2040 natural fine oak not only has a particularly elegant look and pleasant feel, but is also resistant and durable – just as beautiful and easy to care for as kitchens should ideally be. Perfect for real everyday life with all its turbulence. Narrow mouldings, available in various colours, have both a decorative and a practical function. On the one hand, they set colour and geometric accents and, on the other, create a convenient opening option for doors and pull-outs. 

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AV 6000-GL Greige: modern and minimalist aesthetics that focus on the essentials

The systemat AV 6000-GL Greige combines modern, soft surfaces with functional elegance. The design, interpreted here as an open kitchen, wins you over thanks to its clever use of space with seemingly floating tall cabinets. Electrical appliances at an ergonomic height and an integrated work area that can be used just as much for eating as for a relaxed coffee in between meals combine practicality and versatility. 

The handleless concept and the slightly rounded edges all around ensure a harmonious appearance. The trendy matte lacquer finish forms a subtle contrast to the wood decor of the AV 2040-GL natural fine oak. 

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Free space to work, cook and enjoy

The floating installation of cabinets with surfaces in AV 6000-GL Greige makes the room appear visually larger and thus creates an airy atmosphere. By hanging tall cabinets on the wall, the room can fully unfold its size effect, while the storage volume gained with tall cabinets appears airy and floating. The oven and steamer are placed at an ergonomic height. This ensures convenient operation and cleaning of appliances but also of the floor under the cabinets. 

A particularly practical element of this design is the integrated work area which can be used as a seating area. This multifunctionality can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of your everyday life and allows a flexible use, whether for preparing meals, working comfortably on your laptop or for a social gathering. Working, cooking and enjoying: everything here adapts to your current needs in an instant. This not only saves resources, but also provides more space for living.  

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Sideboards: Eye-catcher with room for customisation

Sideboards are an indispensable part of modern interior design. They offer additional storage space and presentation space for decorative elements to give your personal touch. It is also the filigree design furniture feet that makethe sideboard in AV 6000-GL Greige an eye-catcher in the room. The open centrepiece allows the placement of vases, plants or small design items and loosens up the design. 

Shelves mounted above the sideboard emphasise the purist and minimalist look of the kitchen. They blend seamlessly into the overall picture and create a calm, modern and minimalist atmosphere.

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