Over-corner view of the concept130 in BALI walnut with sled-base table element in the foreground.

Form perfection: concept130 BALI Walnut | LASER SOFT Black

Experience no-frills elegance in the interplay of BALI Walnut and LASER SOFT Black. In this concept130 variant, clearly defined areas in sophisticated tones meet refined living solutions and modern technology. By integrating a work niche in the same design as the kitchen, the combination of BALI Walnut and the ultra matte LASER SOFT Black offers an outstanding example of our kitchen furniture’s living quality. The result: a confidential spatial design where cooking, living and working seamlessly happen in one space.

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BALI Walnut – Lively and powerful

Its dark walnut look gives the kitchen a refined yet imposing basic note. The continuous use of BALI walnut brings liveliness to the surfaces through the decor’s wood grain. This kitchen’s straightforward design allows for a successful combination of different work areas into a modern whole. As the basic building block of this design, the pull-out kitchen unit in BALI walnut embodies calm sturdiness. It contains storage cabinets, a built-in oven and a fridge-freezer combination – cleverly concealed behind the wooden decor. The home office has been designed here as a separate area around the corner, which nevertheless blends perfectly into the interior design. 
When planning your kitchen, the island with adjoining seating area take centre stage. Black metal features such as the stainless steel, matte black skids and open shelves serve as a visual counterpart to the ultra matte surfaces and back panels in LASER SOFT Black. Practical, black bar handles break up the flat look and expedite the access to the lower storage cabinets. 

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BALI Walnut Kitchen Unit

Everything in this kitchen unit is perfectly arranged. The upper and lower cabinets in walnut wood decor create an even surface that exudes cosiness and clarity. The horizontal, black bar handles pick up the colour scheme of the plinth and splashback and add a geometric touch parallel to the worktop. Thanks to push-to-open technology, opening wall units is child's play– it only takes slight finger touch. Three integrated spotlights illuminate the work area of the kitchen backsplash so that everything remains clearly visible despite the dark materials. 

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A cleverly integrated workplace

In the integrated home office workspace, the concept130 line shows its prowess as a grid system for living room furniture. Even if work follows you home from time to time, it need not be in full view all the time. The corner niche design keeps the desk close at hand without stealing the show. Opposite the splashback in LASER SOFT Black finish, shelves and a walnut-style tabletop provide ample storage space for laptops and the like. Spotlights skilfully set the scene for the integrated, open shelving elements.  Placing attractive decorations here already creates a successful transition to the adjoining living area. This creates a perfectly balanced, open space where working, cooking and living gracefully marge.

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A table for two

The BALI Walnut also sets the tone at the kitchen island. The black PerfectSense® worktop with recessed glass hob adds a dark touch. The table, which is docked to the cooking island, is fitted at a different height and thereby granted certain autonomy. Thus fitted, it is just as suitable for coffee in between meals as it is for reading the papers every morning. The slightly floating look gives the central island a special charm. Matte black shelves in PerfectSense® quality, which perfectly fill the small niche under the tabletop, create unobtrusive extra storage space. 
In the kitchen area, smooth-running pull-outs provide plenty of storage and cooking pleasure. Would you consider glass an essential furnishing material? If so, choose the platinum-coloured Metro pull-outs not only as a Metro Box but also alternatively with a glass frame – because your kitchen should express your own ideas. 

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Functionality and elegant design

The promise held by this designer kitchen’s elegant exterior is amply delivered by its built-in technology. A standalone combination of BLAUPUNKT induction hob and built-in appliances in Dark Steel design blend harmoniously into the kitchen style. A wall design with black metal shelves from the one series creates a balance between the solid basic form of the kitchen unit and the skirting design of the cooking island. Regardless of whether you choose the metal back panel version, selected individual pieces can be perfectly staged in the weightless metal frames.  The integrated LED strip not only lends a modern touch but also ensures the ideal lighting mood. All in all, a classic yet modern-looking kitchen that combines harmony with flexibility.

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We also find the right solution to meet special requirements such as the integrated workstation shown here: Trust our experts when planning your Häcker dream kitchen.  

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