AV 5045-GL Natural Umber and AV 6000 Black and Natural Umber

Functionality and comfort meet in the systemat AV 5045-GL Natural Umber. A modern interpretation of country style and warm colours lends sophistication and cosiness to kitchen design. Gold-coloured brushed mouldings convey elegance while glossy effects discreetly emphasise the simple design language. As a fitted kitchen across the corner, this country-style ensemble stands for sophisticated art of living and cultivated homeliness, perfectly complemented by dark glass surfaces and smart LED lighting. 

Classic design with premium equipment

The systemat AV 5045-GL Natural Umber favours handleless design with a restrained coffered look. Instead of handles, this kitchen features brushed gold-coloured mouldings for opening cabinets, which perfectly match the warm natural umber of cabinets and pull-outs. Lower pull-outs open almost by themselves thanks to the Tipmatic soft-close mechanism: a slight finger touch and the respective pull-out slides out completely.  A real plus for this kitchen: premium matte lacquer surface, which ensures a classy design and a unique feel. This L-shaped kitchen owes its light, soaring overall impression to the framing tall cabinets and their light colour. The contrasting black splashback, refined walnut wood decor and tinted glass wall units prove particularly attractive.  

More than looks, more than a good feeling

In a systemat AV 5045-GL Natural Umber kitchen, modern interior design transforms walnut wood and a coffered look into a timeless classic in interplay with glass, metal and light. With its slightly classic country style, this ensemble needs no kitchen island, no wine cabinet and no frills to be deemed contemporary.  The gold-coloured mouldings and the glass wall units lend lightness to the L-shaped kitchen unit. Even beneath the surface, everything sits in the right place in this kitchen. Configure and customise the storage space of your dream kitchen with the Metro Box pull-out system and the MOVE interior organisation system – with real wood inserts. To continue the stylish design in the drawers, take advantage of our smart and attractive organiser elements.

Classic design meets convenience

Classic design language meets high-quality technology. BLAUPUNKT’s built-in combi steam oven and microwave compact oven with a dark steel finish are set at an ergonomic, easy-to-reach height.  Various cooking utensils find a practical place on the hooks and shelves of the illuminated Linero MosaiQ railing.  Recessed LED luminaires add further minimalist lighting tones to the kitchen splashback. These are nicely complemented on the opposite side by the smarthome-compatible LED glass shelves, which spread a pleasant cosiness, especially in the evening.

Getting home

The design of the systemat AV 5045-GL Natural Umber is continued in the dining area and, in the AV 6000 Black and Natural Umber, with living elements that are perfectly coordinated with kitchen design. Upper cabinets in the specially warm natural umber colour pick up on the kitchen’s colour scheme and, with their smooth surfaces, signal the transition to the living-dining area. Perfectly combined: the black hanging sideboard that adds a modern touch to the design with its open one-shelf element with metal frame. The tabletop in dark walnut repro colour refers to the worktops made of identical material and thus creates a uniform design across the room. Gold-coloured cutlery produces a special effect on the dark grain. Decorative items in natural colours are also a good match here. The table's rectangular sled base subtly echoes the kitchen's coffered design. 

Thanks to the many possible combinations around the dining table and living room, the kitchen ensemble’s in natural umber colour invites to linger and get together. Design your own systemat kitchen with the Häcker kitchen planner. Our kitchen experts will be happy to support you in planning your dream kitchen.