AV 6088-GL Elegant walnut

Down-to-earthness, practicality and a certain noblesse: In the handleless composition of cabinets from the AV 6088-GL Elegant Walnut and the AV 2135-GL Black as a kitchen island, this puristically designed systemat kitchen brings calm to your life’s core.  Stylish wall shelves create playful transitions into adjoining living areas. Equipped with high-quality BLAUPUNKT technology, this elegant ensemble shines with the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and technical sophistication.

Structured cooking with elegant walnut

With its imposing, projecting tall unit, the systemat AV 6088-GL Elegant Walnut lets the vivid grain of its high-quality wood veneer stand out. The brushed surface of veneered walnut doors and pull-outs additionally emphasises the lively wood structure. Colour-matched backs and slightly rounded edges all around reinforce the pleasant overall appearance of the surfaces. BLAUPUNKT built-in appliances blend seamlessly into the smooth design of the wall unit. The horizontal black mouldings of the tall cabinets – used to open the lower and middle row of cabinets – serve as a structuring stylistic element.  And thanks to the push-to-open mechanism, even the top row of cabinets can be opened effortlessly – a slight touch is all it takes.

Walnut in groove look

Puristic kitchen block

Anyone who appreciates minimalist practicality in design will love this systemat kitchen. The plain-coloured cooking island of type AV 2135-GL Black continues the handleless wide surface of the tall unit line. Outstanding functionality and high quality materials in combination. This starts with the matte black lacqueredPerfectSense® worktop, which is easy to clean and resistant thanks to its anti-fingerprint properties. Thanks to the monochrome matte black design of the kitchen island, the worktop, doors and pull-outs merge into one elegant unit. BLAUPUNKT’s hob with integrated extractor fan from and the sink, whose black fittings blend in perfectly with the design, are flush-mounted in the worktop.  

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Restrained on the outside, complex on the inside

Restrained geometry on the outside, variety and large storage volume on the inside: This kitchen thus excels both with its built-in cabinets and the cooking island. Configure the systemat in AV 6088-GL Elegant Walnut to suit your needs. Depending on the available room height, the systemat range offers a variety of cabinet heights to favour the optimal use of your kitchen’s wall space. Clever storage solutions such as the space-saving bottle holder in the storage cabinet with internal drawer or drawers integrated into the plinth are just some of the ways in which cabinets and utility rooms can be intelligently equipped. 

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Indirect lighting and floating look

While the systemat kitchen presents itself in a minimalist flatness in the central kitchen area, the combination with varied living room furniture brings dynamism into the room design. The sideboard and the upper cabinets of the wall unit, which feature elegant walnut and glass surfaces, are mounted floating downwards. Thus, the compact design of the central island is transformed into a more open design towards the living area. In front of the dark splashback, the relief structure of the wooden surfaces becomes a true eye-catcher. The glass doors with metal frames, the integrated LED lighting behind the glass doors and the LED spotlights embedded in the shelves give the whole a special flair. On the one hand, the wall unit reflects the design of the kitchen and, on the other, creates a homely atmosphere with its indirect light sources. 

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Orderly interior

In keeping with the overall design, the living area also remains handleless.  The wall unit, which gracefully combines open and closed cabinet units, also stands out with its elegant and highly functional design on the inside. The titanium interior colour picks up on the dark design of the kitchen island. The slim shelf supports made of premium metal are not only attractive but also prove particularly sturdy. Doors can be conveniently opened by means of a swivel mechanism. Along with their graceful, linear shape, our hinges feature a particularly subdued design and integrated damping. Cabinet doors can be opened up to an impressive 110° angle. Closing is also particularly easy because, as you fold the door shut, the automatic self-tightening mechanism is triggered from a 35° angle So there is no door slamming even when the kitchen is busy. 

Interior design for your kitchen

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